“Second” Choice

Now that Ben Zobrist is a Cub, the Mets have to figure out what they’re doing at second base. It’s a subject that’s been covered extensively. Here’s a brief synopsis of what the Mets could do. 

Dilson Herrera

Dilson Herrera is a well regarded prospect the Mets surely hope can be the second baseman soon, regardless of the Zobrist flirtation. They are comfortable having him there. It’s not surprising because he’s regarded as a future All Star
Like Daniel Murphy, Herrera is regarded as an offensive second baseman. He’s a gap hitter with the speed to steal some bases. He’s not known for his defense, but he’s got potential. That’s the thing with Herrera. He’s got lots of potential. It’s a good and bad thing. If he’s the second baseman next year it’s not a failing of the front office per se.  He’s a very viable option. 

Daniel Murphy

As noted, there are misconceptions out there about Murphy. However, one thing that appears to be true is the Mets do not appear to value him the way they do other players. Murphy is a good player that can take another team to the next level. For the time being, it appears the Mets will look elsewhere. 
Neil Walker

After Murphy, it appears the Mets would need to turn to the trade market, and it appears Neil Walker is available. Furthermore, the Mets appear at least have some interest

Walker replaces Murphy’s left handed bat in the lineup. He’s a similar hitter too. Unfortunately, he has not had Murphy’s postseason success, and he’s a worse fielder. However, he’s a year away from free agency. If he has a great year, the Mets could give him a Qualifying Offer. If not, the Mets can give the job right to Herrera. 

Walker may be nothing more than a stop gap, but he’s a good player that can help the Mets next year. 

Howie Kendrick

There’s a lot to like with Howie Kendrick. He’s the best option defensively. He’s in the prime of his career. He’s a solid hitter. However, he was offered a Qualifying Offer, and the Mets don’t appear eager to sign him

Wilmer Flores

If the Mets move Wilmer Flores to second, he officially becomes the New Murphy. In some ways, it may be destiny. 

For this to happen, someone else needs to be the shortstop. Ian Desmond is coming off a few bad years, and he received a Qualifying Offer. Again, the Mets probably won’t forfeit a draft pick. So for Flores to play second, Herrera is probably going to have to struggle,  and Ruben Tejada is going to have to be able to be the everyday shortstop. Despite a nice second half, Tejada has yet to do that. Additionally, Tejada now has less range there than Flores.

If Flores is the second baseman, it probably means all other options have completely failed. 

Pipe Dreams

The Mets could look elsewhere, but players like Robinson Cano aren’t coming to the Mets. He makes too much money, and the Mets probably don’t want to dip into their prospects and starting pitchers to obtain him. 

Overall, it seems like the Mets may go with Herrera. However, there are still viable alternatives out there the Mets can still pursue. 

I just wish Murphy was the choice