Please Bring Murphy Back

Somewhere over the course of the baseball season, my son switched his favorite player from Lucas Duda to Daniel Murphy. I’m not quite sure why, but he did. 

When we went to measure his height on his birthday on the Duda Growth Chart, he asked for a Murphy one. At one point the Duda Growth Chart had an awkward Duda body and Murphy head. My son approved. 

When we go to play baseball, he insists on batting lefty. He insists despite still not exhibiting a right or left hand dominance. The reason?  He wants to hit homeruns like Murphy. 

My son’s pediatrician is a Mets fan. No, that’s not the reason we picked him. Five, it’s not the reason my wife picked him. Anyway, he gets a kick out of talking about the Mets with my son. When the doctor asks him who his favorite player is my son says Murphy. He then lets the pediatrician know that “Murphy homerun!”  

When the pediatrician suggested he wanted Ben Zobrist to play second, my son said, “No. Murphy.”  In his mind there is only one player who plays second for the Mets and that’s Murphy:

 There are many reasons to bring back Murphy. However, after last night, I’m stuck with just one. No kid should lose their favorite player. Certainly, not my son. 

So, I again implore the Mets to sign Murphy. Sign him because he’s the best free agent fit for the Mets. Sign him because you don’t want to disappoint a two year old. 

Whatever the reason, just sign him.