Stop the 2016 Predictions

Did you know the Mets are 10-1 to win the 2016 World Series?  Did you know people are speculating that the Mets could do what the Royals just did?  Really?

It’s too early to start this nonsense. People playing this game is the reason casinos and bookies made so much money. If the 2015 Mets return, I can see you taking the bet. If the 2016 Mets are a better team than the 2015 Mets on paper, I can see you taking the bet. However, it’s way too early to determine what will happen next year. 

We have no idea what the Mets are going to do. We don’t know if the Mets have money to spend. The Mets got rid of their two best trade chips. Would it shock anyone to see the Opening Day double play combination be Wilmer Flores and Ruben Tejada?  Would that combination give you confidence that the Mets can return to the playoffs let alone the World Series?  Me neither. 

With the pitching staff, it’s easy to get excited. However, it wasn’t enough in June and July. I need to see more before I get excited for 2016. I’m curious to see what will happen.