EY Might Be on the Playoff Roster

When the Mets first acquired Eric Young, Jr., I envisioned him having a limited, but very important role, as a pinch runner in the playoffs. Essentially, I thought of him as the Mets version of Dave Roberts:

However, as everyone came back healthy and producing, it seemed like there was no room for EY. However, no that it looks like Juan Uribe is going to be sidelined for several days after aggravating his chest injury. Depending on how healthy he is, there’s going to be an open spot on the playoff roster, at least for the NLDS. 

As the Mets could look for another infielder to replace Uribe, the choice may come between EY and Eric Campbell. In some ways, Campbell has the upper hand because he’s a righty going up against a heavily left Dodgers pitching staff. EY may be a switch hitter, but he’s even worse as a right handed batter than a left handed batter.  Campbell can also play more positions than EY, including SS and emergency catcher. 

However, I think the Mets go with EY because he has something great – speed. EY has harnessed that speed to become a good defender and an excellent base stealer. He’s been used mostly as a pinch runner for the Mets, and he’s excelled. He has two stolen bases in two attempts. He’s scored nine runs (with no hits). 

While Campbell does more things, EY does more things well. As we’ve seen, the sheer ability to steal a base, especially when everyone knows you’re going to attempt it, is a skill that can turn things around and help you win a series. 

With that in mind, the Mets should replace Uribe with EY. Who knows?  Maybe EY can help steal the Mets a pennant . . . or a World Series. 

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