Trevor Bauer Still Has Sexual Assault Accusations Pending

Former Major League pitcher Trevor Bauer went to social media pleading his case on how he was wrongfully accused of sexual assault by one person. Now, it should be noted this was just his side of the story, and we did not see him have to face any cross examination, specifically to address what the Sexual Assault Response Team described as “frankly alarming” injuries.

We can delve into the fact it was Bauer who paid $300,000, and the accuser owed nothing in response to Bauer’s libel lawsuit against her. However, that is all besides the point.

There are going to be fanboys who are just going to accept whatever Bauer says. There are going to be reasonable minded people who look at what Bauer presented and side with him. With this one case, we can have these discussions, and we can go further and discuss whether he should have been suspended, or even if he is due some of the money he lost for being suspended.

However, for Bauer, there was more than one credible accusation. In fact, as detailed by Alden Gonzalez of ESPN, there were three other credible accusations against Bauer. You can click the link to learn more about the gruesome accusations made against Bauer.

What is important to remember is even though Bauer settled one case, and may have wrongfully accused in that case (that issue is still not fully resolved), there are still three other credible claims against Bauer. We have not seen how those other claims have been or will be resolved. There are no Bauer videos with proof maintaining his innocence.

You can choose to believe what you want about the case that just settled. However you decide, that does not change the fact Bauer still has three other credible claims against him. For all we know, there may be more than that with claims either silently settled, or women just too afraid to come forward.

In the end, now matter what you believe, Trevor Bauer is not the victim here. The suspension was warranted. Between the credible allegations against him, and how awful he was in Japan, no one should be even contemplating whether your favorite team should be giving him another shot at pitching in the majors.