Vientos Should Not Be Sitting Behind Baty And Vogelbach

It needs to be reiterated that the New York Mets need to send Mark Vientos back to Triple-A Syracuse. It’s readily apparent Buck Showalter has no intention of playing him.

Since Vientos was recalled, he has started in just nine out of a possible 18 games. He’s only played in the field three times. He came to the Mets red hot at the plate improving defensively (he’s still a bad fielder), and now, he’s not allowed to hit or field.

In September, you understand. Like last season, it’s about exposure and just getting your best guys on the roster to try to take your team over the top. However, it’s June.

Young players aren’t helped by sitting. They need reps to improve, or at the very least, show what they need to work on to ge able to play at the Major League level. Again, Vientos isn’t playing.

This is exacerbated by the fact the Mets are playing two people over Vientos who simply cannot be in the everyday lineup right now.

Daniel Vogelbach has become a DH who can’t hit. He’s been horrid for over a month now. On the season, he is down to a 93 wRC+. To put that in perspective, on May 14, he had a 132 wRC+.

Vogelbach is only making $1.5 million. There is team control though next season, but what’s the point when the 30 year old platoon DH can’t hit anymore.

Showalter won’t stop playing him. The only way to stop it is to DFA Vogelbach.

Now, Brett Baty is a more difficult call. He is a well regarded young player who did surpass Vientos as the third baseman of the future. That said, there are extremely troubling trends.

Baty’s ground ball rate is up to 49.5%. He’s hit onto more double plays (4) than he’s hit homers (3). He can’t hit a breaking ball at the moment (39.3 WHIFF%).

Teams are now exploiting that with Baty striking out in 41.2% of his plate appearances since May 25. Overall, Baty is down to a 90 wRC+, and there aren’t any signs that number will improve anytime soon.

It’s getting increasingly difficult to argue Baty should be in the majors instead of Triple-A. In fact, Baty belongs in Syracuse now. He’s regressing, and he’s at the point where he needs too much work.

There is no reason to play Baty over Vientos now. Vientos isn’t anywhere near the defender, but he could be working with Joey Cora to improve and become more playable.

Mostly, the Mets can give him a chance. Maybe he succeeds. Maybe he fails. Whatever the case, he has upside and promise. At the very least, he couldn’t possibly be worse than Baty or Vogelbach have been.

3 Replies to “Vientos Should Not Be Sitting Behind Baty And Vogelbach”

  1. royhobbs7 says:

    Oh, you are SO RIGHT, MD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Obviously, something is going on here. And I don’t think it’s Buck. Buck wants to win, no? I think his hands are tied! I think this is all Eppler. Why? The scrubs (Canha, Vogelbach, Escobar, Pham, Narvaez) are all players that Eppler has acquired in trade or by Free Agency. This is an ego thing. Eppler believes that his players will eventually perform, making him look good.
    Eppler is tying Buck’s hands!!! I know Buck is loyal to his vets. But to the extent that Buck is putting a losing team on the field?????????????????? I don’t think so. It is not in his DNA. Buck wants to win and win badly. This all stinks of Eppler!!! Uncle Stevie needs to address this issue yesterday. Cohen needs to intercede and tell Eppler that he is gone if the Mets do not get within 3 games of the Braves by ASB! It’s about time that our owner steps in given the amount of money and underachieving, boring and pathetic ragtag bunch this team has been!

    1. metsdaddy says:

      When Buck put in Pham after Alonso got hurt, we learned it’s Buck

  2. royhobbs7 says:

    RE: Vientos

    This is similar to the scene from The Natural when Pop says that “The Judge” can sign him (meaning Roy Hobbs). “But I’m not going to play him!”

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