Mets Should Re-Sign Seth Lugo

When it comes to re-signing free agents, fans (and teams) always seem to take a grass is greener approach. Case-in-point – There are actually New York Mets fans who actually want Carlos Rodón over Jacob deGrom.

Another example is the Mets apparently not being one of the teams pursuing Seth Lugo this offseason. That’s a mistake.

For years, Lugo was the Mets best reliever, and he might’ve need the best reliever in baseball. He was a versatile pitcher capable of filling any role in the bullpen, and his ability to give more than one inning made him a rarity.

Well, for many reasons, he was not that player this season. Certainly, part of it might’ve been because of his oldest son needed heart surgery while his wife was pregnant with another child who would be born during the season.

All of this takes a mental and physical toll. Lugo never made excuses, but he did struggle at the start of the year.

Whatever the reason, he had a slower start to the season. Before his second child was born, Lugo had a 3.81 ERA while blowing three saves.

After his second child was born, Lugo made 35 appearances. He was 2-1 with one save and 3.44 ERA while not blowing a lead. Before one bad September outing where he allowed three runs, Lugo had a 2.59 ERA from June 25 – September 19.

In other words, he was Lugo. In fact. He was spinning the ball like none other. He’d take that into the postseason.

In the Wild Card Series. Lugo made three scoreless appearances. It marked the first time in his career he pitched on three consecutive days.

That’s especially notable with Lugo because the Mets have been extremely reticent to pitch him consecutive days due to the torn UCL. It’s also part of the reason they permanently moved him to the bullpen.

When you strip it all down, Lugo has thrived in New York. He’s been a big game reliever who gave more than ever expected of him in a postseason series.

These attributes should never be discounted. That goes double for Lugo’s spin rates.

If Lugo was on any other team, this is the type of reliever you’d hope the Mets targeted. However, the Mets aren’t pursuing him. That’s a mistake, and it’s difficult to know why exactly they’re making this mistake.

Hopefully, the Mets soon come to their senses and bring back Lugo. He’s been a very good reliever and promises to continue being that for years to come.