Andy Cohen Was an All Star and Matt Harvey Isn’t 

On January 29th, Matt Harvey appeared on Watch What Happens Live. It’s a celebrity and pseudo-celebrity talk show hosted by Andy Cohen, who seemingly produces everything on Bravo. Who knew that seven months later, Cohen would’ve been the only person from that night who would participate in the All Star festivities?

This is no slight on Harvey. For the second straight season, he pushed himself physically – perhaps beyond the limits

Last year, Harvey was able to help pitch the Mets into the World Series where he pitched a game for the ages. This year he couldn’t do it. He struggled all year. First l, it was thought to be his mechanics. In the end, it turned out he has thoracic outlet syndrome requiring Harvey to have season ending surgery. As a result, Harvey will not be participating in the All Star festivities, nor will he be participating in this year’s postseason. 

It’s a shame because he worked so hard to get back to this point after needing Tommy John surgery in 2013.  It’s a shame as when he’s great, the Mets look like a team that can win the World Series. It’s a shame because Harvey has been a truly great pitcher that should be out there this week. 

Except he couldn’t be. Instead, Andy Cohen is. That juxtaposition explains so much about what has ailed the Mets this year.