Murphy Signed the Loyalty Pledge

It might be easy to forget now, but at the beginning of the 2014 season, things were going terribly with the Mets. Part of it was the hangover from Matt Harvey missing the year due to Tommy John surgery. Most of it was from the team staring off the reason really poorly. The fans were in revolt. 

That’s when the Mets had this “genius idea.”  Get the fans to sign a loyalty oath. No, this isn’t a joke. The Mets actually thought the best way to quell the fans anger was a loyalty oath. I’m not sure I know anyone that signed it.  I suspect Murphy did. 

No matter how you slice or dice it, Murphy wanted to be a Met. He wanted to sign an extension last year, and he was willing to negotiate in season. Sure, he rejected the qualifying offer, but nevertheless, he wanted to stay. He didn’t negotiate with anyone until it was clear there was no chance of returning to the Mets. Murphy signed that loyalty oath the Mets asked all of us to sign back in 2014. He was that loyal player fans and management always talk about wanting. Murphy is now a National. 

It’s a sad reminder that at the end of the day this is a business. Murphy signed a three year deal when the Mets need their arms twisted out of socket just to offer a two year deal. Many will point to Murphy signing with the rival Nationals as a reason to boo him or to ask where his loyalty was. Murphy was loyal all along. He wanted to be here. After the Mets made a business decision, he had to make one as well. 

He was a good and loyal Met. He had a good Mets career and a postseason no one will forget. I wanted Murphy back. I was hoping the Mets would reward him for his good play and loyalty.  Ultimately, we all learned the Mets demand everyone’s loyalty, but they are unwilling to show any loyalty to anyone else. 

With thay said, we should all appreciate and cheer Murphy as he was the one who was willing to show the fans any loyalty, and he asked for nothing from us in return.