One More Phillie Left

In a postseason where the Mets have been slaying demons, there is one Phillie left. In the NLDS, the Mets dispatched with Jimmy Rollins and the dirty and cowardly Chase Utley. There is one member of that 2007-2008 Phillies team left: Ryan Madson. He may not garner the same reaction as Utley and Rollins, but he was still a large part of those Phillies teams. 

Just like 2008, Madson is a key set-up man on the Royals. After not appearing on a major league roster for four years, he resurfaced and had his typically good season. He went 1-2 with a 2.13 ERA, 0.963 WHIP, and a 8.2 K/9. This postseason he’s been hittable in the 5.1 innings he’s pitched. He’s got a 2.25 WHIP and a 8.44 ERA.  

He’s gone from major strength to liability. It may just be a short sample size. It may be his four year layoff out of the major leagues. Hopefully, it’s the latter because he’s been good against the Mets. In 61 games (1 start), he has a 2.87 ERA with a 1.149 WHIP and a 7.6 K/9. 

I’m not sure all of that matters. The only Mets remaining from that time are David Wright and Daniel Murphy, who is playing on a different level. With that said, it probably matters to the fans more. And yes, I care. I want that World Series. I don’t like the idea of another 2007-2008 Phillie standing in the way. 

It’s time for those Phillies to go away for good.