O’ I Wish I Can Get a Personslized Jersey

I have a major pet peeve. My last name has an apostrophe in it. Many people misspell my surname because they either omit the apostrophe and/or they do not uppercase the second letter. I won’t bore you with the problems it creates in a digital age that largely dismisses the apostrophe. 

However, I will point out how MLB disregards the apostrophe and insults Irish fans. I think about this now because I remember as a little kid I wanted a Mets jersey with my name on it. However, when I was a kid that wasn’t an option. They just weren’t sold. Now, with certain exceptions, you can personalize a Mets jersey . . . except if you want an apostrophe. It’s absurd especially when you can select a specific player jersey:


That’s right. I can get a d’Arnaud jersey with an apostrophe. It’s proof that it can be done. However, if you’re an O’Hara or an O’Neill or an O’Sullivan (that’s not a Phillies fan), you’re out of luck. It’s absurd that MLB outright refuses to allow me to properly spell my name on a personalized jersey. 

Look, I get the need for the rules. MLB can’t have officially licensed gear with racist and/or profane names on the back. There is nothing racist and/or profane about an apostrophe (or a tilda for that matter). The end result is that I cannot get a personalized jersey for anyone in my family. 

I don’t want to have a disappointed kid in the future because MLB refuses to allow an apostrophe. I’m sure MLB doesn’t want disappointed young baseball fans either. They need to change the policy. 

Please note: for other problems, namely the St. Paddy’s Day caps,  please go to Mets Police, who has done an excellent job covering the subject.