Murphy Fans Want Walker to Succeed

Slowly but surely, Daniel Murphy became my favorite player on the Mets. He was a clutch player at the start. He played the game hard. Yes, he had some gaffes here and there, but they were the result of someone who was going all out all the time. He was never going to admit he couldn’t make a play. As a result, we sometimes got to see him do something spectacular. Other times, you just shook your head. 

His being my favorite player was cemented when I met him. When I met him, he came and talked to me about my wife expecting. He signed a few things for my son, and he gave my son a baseball to learn how to play baseball with. Him becoming my son’s favorite player further cemented it. 

After the postseason, there should not be one Mets fan who doesn’t love and respect this guy. Without him, the Mets lose in the NLDS. 

Despite all that, the Mets didn’t want Murphy back. Instead, they made a bad trade to replace him with Neil Walker. Murphy then went to the Nationals to help them win the NL East. Admittedly, it was difficult watching Walker go 0-4 with a strikeout and an RBI ground out that helped kill a Mets eighth inning rally in an Opening Day loss. It was more difficult seeing that Murphy went 2-3 with two walks, a homerun, and a 10th inning go-ahead RBI double to help the Nationals secure an Opening Day win. 

However, that does not mean I’m not rooting for Neil Walker. If you remember, I actually suggested the Mets trade for Walker if they were going to just jettison Murphy. I like Walker as a player. I just think the Mets made a bad decision letting Murphy go, and they made matters worse by making a bad trade.  I hope Walker has s huge year. Trust me when I tell you I enjoyed this moment just as much as every other Mets fan, perhaps more:

I’m undoubtedly rooting for Neil Walker. He’s a good baseball player. He looks to be a great guy too. Just because I love Murphy and hated a trade, it doesn’t mean I’m not rooting for the guy.  I am rooting for him. I want to write glowing things about him. I want to implore the Mets to keep him for more than just this year (they won’t). I want to see more big homeruns. I want to see more of the guy that Pirates fans were depressed to see go. 

I’ll always be a Mets fan first. I’m going to root for Neil Walker to succeed.  I’ll root for whoever’s next, whether that is Dilson Herrera or whoever else or might be. Keep in mind, I rooted for Luis Castillo for FOUR YEARS. I think I can handle rooting for a good player and a good guy like Neil Walker. 

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  1. George says:

    Truth be told, it’s no easier down here where I’m a few miles away from Murphs family. The Jax media follow Murph faithfully and in turn the Mets. But. I’m mets blu gold first. And very nice to hear Walker homered to carry our team over the Royals yesterday.

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