Why Don’t the Tigers Want Cespedes?

On the heels of the Tigers signing Jordan Zimermann, the team announced they are looking to improve the club regardless of the cost

Naturally, I thought that would include Yoenis Cespedes. He hit .293/.323/.506 with 18 homeruns and 61 RBIs in 102 games for them last year. His play in LF was good enough to win him the Gold Glove. Assuming the team acquired Cameron Maybin to play center, they need a LF. Given his play with them last year coupled with his run with the Mets, you would think the Tigers would be hot after him. 

Keep in mind, they apparently sought so highly of him, they would only trade him for a potential future ace. They were rumored to want to re-sign him if they couldn’t trade him. Arguably, Cespedes is the top corner outfielder on the market. Why aren’t any of his former teams interested in him?  It’s stupefying. 

I used to believe each time Cespedes was traded, he was being moved for a need and for a good player/prospect. At first, I dismissed the typical Boston smearing of one of their players out the door. Maybe there was more to it than we originally believed. While Cespedes had a great run, he showed a lot of quit and an alarming lack of hustle. 

Cespedes has played for four teams in two years, and he’s probably on his way to playing for a fifth. There’s got to be a reason. I’ll always appreciate what he did for the Mets, but it appears the Mets are making the right decision letting him go. 

Everyone else did.