Twins Want You To Know They’re In On Correa

This Carlos Correa saga just won’t end. As a result, we’re at the point where articles have to delve into new subject areas.

The latest angle is the Minnesota Twins feel better about their chances. That was the subject of Ken Rosenthal’s latest report for The Athletic.

As Rosenthal wrote, the possibility of Correa returning to the Twins “is increasing, team sources said Monday night.” Read that again. Team sources said.

This is the Twins selling they can still get Correa. In fact, as Rosenthal reported the Twins kept in touch to be a landing spot should everything fall through with the teams willing to pay Correa fair market value.

Scott Boras talked to them after Correa failed his second physical. The Twins stayed engaged just in case. That’s it.

Really, that’s all this report is. It’s just saying the Twins are there and want us all to know they can still sign Correa once deals fall through with all the other teams.

Jon Heyman of the New York Post had a similar report. In his, he classified talks as “gaining momentum.” He went on to say the Mets “gave the opening to the Twins, who are trying to close their own deal now.”

Again, this is the Twins pushing the narrative they have a chance. Certainly, as the Mets and Correa move towards the finish line, Scott Boras is going to plant stories like these with trusted writers to help push the Mets.

Arguably, this is coming at a sensitive time in negotiations. We say arguably because no one knows what’s happening, but we did see a report the Mets figured things out right before these leaks.

Trust any and all of these reports as much as you’d like. However, at the end of the day, we don’t know if the Twins really have a shot until the Mets back out of negotiations which may never happen.

Again, this is a story which has been going on for too long. People are getting antsy, and they’re starting to wait for the deal to go sour. They’re looking for a fresh angle even if it’s not there.

We just need to sit and wait. Tomorrow will bring news of an agreement or another crazy angle. Essentially, we’ll keep getting stories until there’s an actual story.