Kyle Seager Interesting Stop Gap Third Base Option

The New York Mets desperately need a third baseman. This has basically been the case since David Wright initially went down in 2015, and it’s the case now.

There’s two issues with filling that vacancy. First and foremost, the third base free agent pool is not great. Case-in-point, Kris Bryant is far and away the best option, and he may not be a third baseman anymore.

The Mets could try to sign a shortstop like or Corey Seager to move them to third, but that’s easier said than done. If you can sign any one of them, you do it.

Yes, that’s the case when the Mets have Mark Vientos and Brett Baty. Neither are guaranteed to succeed in the majors or stick at third. Notably, for a Mets system bereft of outfield talent, both players have played some left field.

This leaves the Mets with a conundrum. They can’t hand the position to a prospect. For some reason, they don’t trust Jeff McNeil. It’ll be difficult to get a shortstop and move him to third.

Well, that leaves them looking for a stopgap. It’s not the solution anyone wants, but it’s the situation they find themselves. Glossing over the free agent list, Kyle Seager jumps off the page.

Seager, 34, is very clearly past his prime. He’s not the 5+ WAR player he was five years ago. The Mets don’t need him to be that. Really, they just need him to be Seager.

In 159 games last year, Seager hit a woeful .212/.285/.438 with good power numbers. Seager had 29 doubles, a triple, 35 homers, and 101 RBI. Ultimately, he had a 100 OPS+ making him the epitome of a league average hitter.

Behind those numbers was a dip in his walk rate, an uptick in his strikeout rate, and a shockingly low .226 BABIP. While he’s traditionally been a lower BABIP guy, he’s never really been that low.

Judging from Baseball Savant, Seager is still able to square up a ball and drive it. After all, you don’t play in Safeco and hit 35 homers without that ability. Still, his exit velocity dipped in three straight years.

With better plate discipline, and his working with a hitting coach (whoever that will be), Seager could be better than he was in 2021. At the very least, he could be back around league average even if the numbers look different.

If that’s the case, that would be great news for a team like the Mets. While Seager is known for his power, the real value lies in his glove. While he’s not the Gold Glover he once was, he’s still very good at the position.

In 2021, Seager had a 4 OAA. That’s a slight uptick from the 3 OAA he had in 2019 and 2020. That 4 OAA ranked tied for eighth in the majors. His 13 OAA since 2019 also ranks eighth.

Seager is a very good glove, and that’s of increased importance with the Mets. While the pitching staff will be rebuilt, they still have ground ball pitchers in Carlos Carrasco and Taijuan Walker as locks for the rotation.

Adding Seager at third would improve the Mets. His glove would make the pitching better, and there’s still something in that bat. In the event the Mets can’t convince a Correa to move to third, Seager is definitely the stopgap option which would help improve this team.

6 Replies to “Kyle Seager Interesting Stop Gap Third Base Option”

  1. LongTimeFan1 says:

    in another time or place, Seager might be a fit as stop gap but he’s a one position guy who can DH but also had horrid On Base in 2021. Mets should be focusing on their many holes in the rotation, bullpen, pitching depth, outfield and second.

    Mets already have solid-high on base stop gaps on the roster in Cano and Davis, and they really need more guys who get on base, have some speed, basically someone who can replace Villar. They should sign super utility player to do that, plus replace McNeil who I think should be traded for pitching. Between Cano, Davis and the super utility guy, plus anyone else with versatility they might obtain, they’ll have third and DH covered while Vientos spends a half season in Syracuse working on his defense, or the Mets wait another year for Baty.

    In my opinion, Seager should spend the offseason working on infield versatility. He’s a guy to consider after the roster is nearing completion. Mets basically have that one-position guy already with Cano who, if I’m not mistaken, is currently working on playing third. He’s played a little first base in the majors and should be working on that as well.

    1. metsdaddy says:

      You just mentioned a group of guys not capable of playing 3B

  2. Moose says:

    Kyle Seager would be one of the best signings. That way he would be a wonderful place hold until I Brett Baty is listed as the better fielder. The only other solution would be trade for José Ramírez. Yes, If, we didn’t need to add Baty to the deal. We could have a package Dom Smith, Jeff McNeil, Mark Vientos plus another mid-level prospect. not sure if Clevland has a pitcher starter of relief we add to the package that we would give up a little more.

    1. metsdaddy says:

      Yes, if you can get Ramirez, you absolutely do it

  3. TheGhostofKelenic says:

    The Mets are never signing Correa. Come back to the real world.

    1. metsdaddy says:

      Did you not get the point of the article?

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