Billy Eppler Might Be Worst Possible Hire For Mets

Maybe, it’ll work out. Maybe, the real problem in Los Angeles was Arte Moreno. With the Wilpons, you don’t have to convince New York Mets fans of that.

That said, there’s nothing to like about the Mets hiring Billy Eppler as the New GM.

You’re stuck as to where to begin on how this is a bad choice, and you’re left wondering why the Mets didn’t just delay this process longer. After all, this is someone who couldn’t build a winner with Mike Trout and Shohei Ohtani, who is now entasked can with building a winner around Jacob deGrom and Francisco Lindor.

It doesn’t make sense. That’s even before you consider his free agent signings make the Bobby Bonilla deal seem like a bargain. The problem for Eppler was he never turned Justin Upton into a David Wright.

A big reason why is Eppler has a very poor draft and player development track record with the Angels. With respect to the Mets, it’s the one of the few things they did well, so the hope is their existent structure can offset one of Eppler’s many weaknesses.

However, in many ways, none of this is Eppler’s biggest issue. No, Eppler’s biggest issue is he hired Mickey Callaway.

Like Alderson, Eppler hired the worst kept secret in baseball. Like Alderson, he kept Callaway employed while he harassed women.

Undoubtedly, Eppler will blame Joe Maddon, who really wanted Callaway. Moreover, he can blame the owner who pushed to hire Maddon and give him what he wants.

It’s akin to Alderson. Most are aware Callaway was hired by Jeff Wilpon. Alderson wanted Kevin Long or Brad Ausmus, a manager actually hired by Eppler.

In a way, that might be one of the positives we try to tell ourselves. Alderson and Eppler are aligned in many ways. We also hear Eppler is good friends with David Stearns, who is the real target. The other bonus is he’s not Brodie Van Wagenen.

However, in the end, this amounts to nothing more than talking ourselves into a bad hire. We can continue to do it until the Mets hire the president of baseball operations they ultimately want to hire.

8 Replies to “Billy Eppler Might Be Worst Possible Hire For Mets”

  1. dooby says:

    Spare me all the PC hot air on “harassing women”. They aren’t following these guys around and don’t know what they’re doing 24/7. They’re grown men. The problem is they could’ve hired BRIAN SABEAN! What the hell, he only has 3 WS RINGS. No big whoop. But he’s not under 50, isn’t a sabermetrics geek, and so the Mets didn’t even interview him when he reportedly wanted the job. What a waste. If Eppler is bust, hopefully they can hire David Stearns away from the Brewers next year and do whatever with Eppler. Meanwhile they are losing pitchers left and right, as Thor goes and Stroman might go too. Cohen better break out the checkbook.

    1. metsdaddy says:

      Did you actually try to make the dumbest comment possible?

      If so, you succeed.

      1. dooby says:

        Only in the alternative universe do actual sports fans care about all these-years later-he harassed me complaints as much as you bloggers. You don’t know what happened between Mickey Callaway and any of these women and know nothing more about Jared Porter other than the idiot kept sending unwanted d-pics. Anyone who complains about a hire over this is ridiculous. They weren’t there, they don’t know squat.

        1. metsdaddy says:

          I feel bad for your parents.

  2. dooby says:

    I feel bad for your critical thinking skills if you have to virtue signal this MeToo garbage to make yourself feel better when you know none of the facts of any of these accusations. You don’t care any more about sexual harassment than me guy. You’re just PC about it. Like too many sports bloggers/talk radio personalities/sportswriters, etc. now. It’s frankly nauseating.

    1. metsdaddy says:

      I’m sorry if you weren’t raised to be a decent human being. I encourage you to visit the sites built for the lowlifes like yourself.

      1. dooby says:

        Sanctimoniously full of s***. Like every other PC douche.

        1. metsdaddy says:

          Did the Astros bang you during the 2017 World Series?

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