Gerrit Cole Spider Tack Answer Hilariously Bad

Given how the story du jour in baseball is pitchers using substances, like pine tar or spider tack, on the baseball to increase spin, they should all be prepared to answer questions about it. There are many reasons why, including but not limited to whatever Gerrit Cole said:

Honestly, that’s just about the worst answer to a question you’ll ever see. Really, the only way he could’ve made it worse was by admitting and then suggesting his success is more attributable to undetectable steroids.

To some, he admitted it. Certainly, you can make that case, and there’s spin analysis which will back that up. His discovering this ability to spin the baseball was in Houston where the Astros found new and improved ways to cheat.

While Cole didn’t admit it, he didn’t leave much room for an alternative. It at least appeared it was him or one of his teammates. Whatever is happening he just invited more attention. Really, Cole has no one to blame but himself on this one.

This answer is as bad as it possibly could be. Where it goes from here is anyone’s guess.

In the end, we can only hope he’s asked more of these questions. No, not because we need to get to the truth of the matter. Rather, this is absolutely great theatre, and we all can’t wait to see how he’ll attempt to answer it next.

3 Replies to “Gerrit Cole Spider Tack Answer Hilariously Bad”

  1. Bob Thomas says:

    Two words. Cheater.

  2. Patrick says:

    I attribute this as a continued fall out of Selig’s failed stewardship; particularly the steroid era. Offense (steroids) gets out of control, nothing is done about it eventually leading to the sports public humiliation and shaming via congressional hearings and legal cases. Pitchers become more brazen to level the playing field. MLBs response is to start messing with the baseball. And, now we are left with nothing but hope that Manfred can do anything to convince the sport and fans that he is not the worst commissioner of all major sports

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