J.D. Davis Can’t Be Bothered To Think About COVID19 Vaccine

The New York Mets season will be off to a late start. With multiple Washington Nationals players becoming infected with COVID19, the opening series between these two division rivals was canceled.

With that as a backdrop, J.D. Davis was asked about getting the vaccine when he’s eligible to receive it. He incredulously responded he hadn’t thought about it.

Somehow, a player sidelined waiting to start the season wants us to believe he didn’t think about the vaccine created which would’ve permitted him to play this weekend.

He’s either incredibly vapid where he actually wants us to believe he doesn’t have the mental capacity or awareness to think about a vaccine for a once in a century pandemic, or he’s lying like he did when originally asked about his involvement in the Houston Astros sign stealing scandal.

Yet, despite his wanting us to believe he hasn’t thought much about COVID19 and returning to normal life, he wants us to believe he’s upset they’re not playing and that the players are happy cooped up unable to do anything beyond dealing with one another.

But hey, why would you have to sit around thinking about things when you’re just handed a third base job you didn’t earn? Moreover, why would think there are ramifications for your decisions when you were given an enormous pass for the Astros scandal and lying to the press?

8 Replies to “J.D. Davis Can’t Be Bothered To Think About COVID19 Vaccine”

  1. TheGhostofKelenic says:

    Has Davis thought about what he’s going to do if a baseball gets hit at him? I wonder…

    1. metsdaddy says:

      Like everything else, he’ll just let someone else cover for him

  2. patrick ohara says:

    In terms of being “undecided”, are we to believe he is THAT naive????

    The YEAR of 2020 was canceled. Barely any games got played due to the virus. Prorated salaries resulted in extremely diminished pay. FFS, Justin turner celebrated a WS win on the field AFTER testing positive.

    Not to mention the financial, player progression, and all the unnamed tolls minor league affiliates suffered.

    Think of all the lost salaries and families that suffered because their income was based on baseball. Multi millions of dollars working families lost.

    Whether he is too naive to understand this, is for him to answer. Otherwise, we are left wondering if he doesn’t consider what the consequences were last year: how the lives of locker room attendants, ushers, concessions, assistant coaches, minor league players, gates, ticketing sales, marketing, travel and hotels….

    Maybe he doesn’t get it. I dont know. Ignorance to an issue that can cause such stress in the “life of baseball” is plainly ignorant. Claiming to be unsure on any of this is just flat out unacceptable. Especially, after being “punched in the gutt” for a canceled opening day/series.

    A series canceled because of… COVID. Maybe willy Wonka can give him a patronizingly sarcastic look and ask for him to go on…

  3. LongTimeFan1 says:

    Wow, where did JD Davis say he hasn’t thought about Covid?

    My advice to you, patrick ohara, never rely on MetsDaddy for your information., especially about JD Davis whom MetsDaddy has been hating and dissing in an anti-agenda since the Mets acquired him.

    If you want the truth about what JD Davis was really talking about, go read or listen to his actual comments in full which you won’t find from MetsDaddy. JDwas talking about the vaccine, not whether he’s thought about Covid the pandemic or not.

    It’s not a shock to me that a healthy 28 year old not yet eligible for the vaccine hasn’t thought about whether he’d take it when eligible.

    Since eligibility for those 16 and older in New York begins on April 6th, now he has reason to look at the data, do the research, determine whether he opts to get vaccinated, if it’s safe for him to do so, if he has allergy history to any ingredients, and if opts to get vaccinated, which of the 3 vaccines will he choose.

    If he doesn’t get vaccinated, it’s his choice and is what he was saying that vaccination is an individual decision, personal preference which we know is the case for everyone in this country to make. We may not reach herd immunity because there are plenty people who opt not to get vaccinated and won’t.

    1. metsdaddy says:

      As usual, you embarrass yourself in your constant need to defend J.D. Davis.

  4. patrick ohara says:

    Cool story, bro. Go have a protein shake and shut up

  5. LongtimeFan1 says:

    Said JD Davis – April 2, 2021

    “(I’m) trying to be sensitive to the family and friends and especially to the loved ones that have been passed and taken by the virus, but at the same time, I know it’s a personal preference and everybody has their own choice of doing so.”

    1. metsdaddy says:

      Thank you for copying and pasting what I literally included in my article.

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