Noah Syndergaard, Jeurys Familia Poised To Make Mets History

Tom Seaver did something unique in New York Mets history. When he took the field for player introductions before Game 1 of the 1986 World Series, he became the first pitcher to stand on the field for three separate Mets postseason games.

Of course, Seaver was wearing a Boston Red Sox uniform, and he never did pitch in that series. To date, no Mets pitcher has pitched in three separate postseasons for the Mets . . . yet.

Back in 2015, Noah Syndergaard and Jeurys Familia were big pieces of a Mets pitching staff which not only led the team to the postseason but also a pennant. They’d join Addison Reed as the only members of that 2015 staff to pitch in the ensuing postseason when the Mets lost the Wild Card Game.

That trio joined a number of the 1999-2000 Mets pitchers to pitch in consecutive postseason. That list included Armando Benitez, Dennis Cook, John Franco, Al Leiter, Rick Reed, and Turk Wendell.

They are just part of a group of Mets pitchers to pitch in multiple postseasons. The other pitchers in that group are Rick Aguilera, Ron Darling, Sid Fernandez, Dwight Gooden, Jerry Koosman, Roger McDowell, Tug McGraw, and Seaver.

That’s a total of 17 pitchers who have appeared in two postseasons for the Mets. However, none have appeared in three.

If Syndergaard can return from Tommy John, and Familia can stay healthy and productive, they’re going to get that chance because this is an excellent Mets team. This is a team which should get there, and maybe this time Syndergaard and Familia can celebrate a World Series.

After that, with both being pending free agents, the question will be whether they’ll get the opportunity to get to pitch in a fourth postseason. Time will tell.

2 Replies to “Noah Syndergaard, Jeurys Familia Poised To Make Mets History”

  1. Mike.BTB says:

    We can point to 1985 and 1987 as coming close. But I will go to my grave believing that if Dave Kingman hadn’t broken his thumb in 1976, the Mets could have won the division. The Mets went 16-18 in his absence from Jul. 20 through Aug. 27, while Mets were 27-27 during all of July and August, then went on to post a 20-9 record in September. It’s one of my greatest “what ifs” in life.

    1. metsdaddy says:

      One thing i think about is what if BVW was professional and gave Asdrubal Cabrera a courtesy call. Maybe then he signs with the Mets in 2019, and they claim the Wild Card over the Nationals.

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