Trevor Bauer Might Be Mets Fifth Starter

When looking to sign a player, the first question is whether that player would improve the team. Clearly, Trevor Bauer clears that hurdle.

The next is whether that player is a worthwhile investment. That’s where it gets complicated for Bauer.

Bauer is noted to want to pitch every fourth day, and he purportedly is seeking $30+ million. Putting aside, the Mets logjam trying to extend players, the Mets have to justify making Bauer their highest paid player when he’s not that.

Putting aside 2020 for a moment, here’s how Bauer would stack against a fully healthy Mets rotation from 2016 – 2019:



  • deGrom 2.82 FIP
  • Syndergaard 2.83 FIP
  • Carrasco 3.37 FIP
  • Bauer 3.70 FIP
  • Stroman 3.80 FIP

Looking at it, Bauer is clearly fourth. However, when you compare the relative levels of competition, Stroman has put up his numbers against VASTLY superior competition.

Taking that into account, when Syndergaard returns, that makes Bauer the fifth starter on this Mets team. Yes, he’d be by far the best fifth starter in the league, but a fifth starter nevertheless.

Now, Bauer did have a great 2020. However, it should be noted that came in a shortened season against absolutely dreadful competition. Moreover, Bauer, himself, put into question just how he was able to accomplish it.

If you’re the Mets, how can you possibly sign a pitcher to the highest contract when he’s likely going to be your fifth best starting pitcher? While a team could do whatever they want, this would seem like a mismanagement of resources.

No, the Mets should be better allocating those resources to positions of need like third, center, and the bullpen. They should be looking to extend their players including Stroman and Syndergaard. They should be letting another team roll the dice with Bauer.

The Mets have four pitchers better than Bauer. They should let that quartet led them in 2021 and hopefully well beyond that.

12 Replies to “Trevor Bauer Might Be Mets Fifth Starter”

  1. royhobbs7 says:

    Mets Daddy:

    Now you’re talking!!!!!

    Good articel

    1. metsdaddy says:

      Thank you

  2. royhobbs7 says:

    sic: article

  3. TheGhostofKelenic says:

    Why aren’t the Mets all over Taijuan Walker? Is there something i’m missing? To me, I see a player still on the way up with a dollars to ceiling ratio that is tremendous. On an average year Trevor Bauer is Taijuan Walker…. At 3x the price.

    1. metsdaddy says:

      I think the Mets are letting the market come back to them, which is the smart move.

  4. Mike.BTB says:

    I do not begrudge Bauer for trying to parlay a good season into a fat payday. But meeting his ask would be foolish for reasons you give. I’m still giddy Cohen is even here. They do not have to do everything in one off-season. HOWEVER … the McCann/Realmuto and Springer negotiations absolutely wreak of Alderson’s sensibilities. Starting to wonder if Cohen needs to give his President a swift kick in the posterior.

    1. metsdaddy says:

      Part of the process was getting Lindor and Carrasco which cannot be discounted.

      1. Mike.BTB says:

        I still need to be sold on Carrasco.

        1. metsdaddy says:

          He’s a fourth starter for this team which is really good

  5. TheGhostofKelenic says:

    Carrasco is the real deal. And as to Springer and Realmuto negotiations I was relieved. A 150 million contract that goes awry can destroy even well built teams. McCann and Realmuto are not that far apart and Springer is not young. Who believes Springer is still a centerfielder in 3 years? We have 2 capable leadoff hitters. Without the CF ability Springer doesn’t fit this team so 6 years doesn’t make sense. If you got Springer you’de lose Conforto. I’ll take Conforto who was another good leadoff when he was put there in the past.

  6. MMoose says:

    I want the Mets to Stay away from Bauer. He is a Team Cancer. Why do I say that his demand to pitch every 4 days how does that effect the rest of the rotation. Plus we just Fired Jerod Porter for his texts. Has not Bauer done something similar with a female fan True or not it’s the appearance here because there is a good chance he wood be a loose cannon in New York if he is pitching bad how would the press or fans treat him. Not a wise move

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