Enjoy Retirement Terry Collins

With his contract up and new ownership in place, Terry Collins has departed the New York Mets and has announced his retirement.

There’s a lot to say about Collins and his tenure as Mets manager. More than the wins and losses was Collins the person. He is a good and decent man who connected with everyone, and he’s going to be missed.

We’ve seen it from fans who remember him celebrating with them in Chicago. His players, like Noah Syndergaard, always spoke highly of him and continue to do so

It’s not just what we saw and heard from Collins. It is what he did when no one was looking.

Five years ago, as the Mets were going through a mercurial season which ended in heartbreak, Collins took the time to send condolences to a widow of a family he didn’t know.

For me, that’ll be the lasting memory of Collins. He was a man who took the time to do the right thing even when his job was extremely difficult and tense. He did it when no one was looking.

Overall, Collins is a good man, and you’re never better off as an organization when you lose genuinely good human beings like him.

Being the person he is, he still has a lot to offer the world. No matter what he does, here’s hoping he finds something which brings him as much joy as watching his team win a pennant. As a man, he deserves that and much more.

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  1. Rich says:

    A truly, fine human being. I hope he enjoys his retirement, hes earned it.

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