Bye Jeff Wilpon

Back when Nelson Doubleday was on his way out, he had said of Jeff Wilpon, “Jeff Wilpon said he’s going to learn how to run a baseball team and take over at the end of the year. Run for the hills, boys. I think probably all those baseball people will bail.” (Bergen Record).

It’s impossible to detail just how awful Jeff has been. It’s like a PhD level course in complete incompetence.

He was behind forcing injured players to play including Pedro Martinez leading to the effective end of Pedro’s career.

He thought he was smarter than people who actually knew what they were doing. That led to decisions like the shameful Willie Randolph and Sandy Alderson firings (yes, Sandy was effectively fired).

There were the rage cuts like Travis d’Arnaud and the inexplicable gross overpayment of prospects (Scott Kazmir, Jarred Kelenic) for bad returns in the sake of winning now only for the Mets not to win.

Women knew what the organization thought of them when Jeff fired an unwed pregnant woman and not only brought back Jose Reyes, but also held him out as a role model.

Through all of this and more, everyone had enough, especially his family.

Bruce Wilpon disassociated himself from the Mets after seeing how Jeff and the Mets treated Kazuo Matsui. Saul Katz forced the sale of the team rather than see Jeff mismanage the team to his dying days.

Ironically, Jeff would interfere with the first sale. Steve Cohen walked away. Despite years of mismanagement, the team had some value. However, that value went down when Steve Cohen bought it a second time for hundreds of million less.

There was no end to Jeff Wilpon’s incompetence, and now, his family has taken away his toy so he can’t play GM anymore. We’re all better for it.

Jeff Wilpon will soon be gone. Good riddance to him.

6 Replies to “Bye Jeff Wilpon”

  1. Dan Capwell says:

    Getting rid of Fred and Jeff is probably worth about ten wins next year.

  2. Rich says:

    Obviously, Fredo (little Fred) is completely incompetent, but more than that hes abrasive, dimwitted and not very likable. Its one thing to be born on third base, thats not his fault, getting picked off 3rd base on the old, fake to first, throw to third is his fault. His tenor as COO speaks for itself, it was a clown show the whole way. But make no mistake, it wasnt him making decisions, it was dear old dad.

    Jeffy is easy to hate, but hate him for being the puppet, not for being the decision maker, this is all Fred. Jeff was never qualified to run the Mets (neither was Fred) and he never did. He never spent a penny without old pops signing off and never made a decision without Mr. Brooklyn´s consent.

    Whats done is done, their punishment is that they will forever be remembered in baseball lore as losers. That a pretty fair penalty.

    1. metsdaddy says:

      I’ll hate him for the despicable things he did

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