Mets Homegrown Talent Beats Marlins Youth

One of the most puzzling and overblown aspects of this early season was Pete Alonso struggling. The Mets made the right move for defensive purposes and to allow him to focus on hitting by moving him to DH. The move has proven to be a boon.

We saw that again tonight when he hit a two run homer off of Marlins starter Daniel Castano, who was the second straight Marlins starter to make his MLB debut. Alonso’s homer certainly got out in a hurry:

It was the Mets second two run homer of the game. The first came from Michael Conforto who supposedly can’t hit lefties. Someone just forgot to tell Conforto and MLB pitchers this year:

Notably, Conforto has reached safely in all 15 games this season. Conforto and Brandon Nimmo remain the only Mets to reach safely in every game they’ve played.

That pair of two run homers gave David Peterson a 4-1 lead. It was another strong performance for the young lefty. He allowed two earned over five on four hits and three walks. He may have only struck out three, but he did flash some filthy stuff.

The Mets would get some insurance runs with Amed Rosario setting the table both times. It was 5-2 Mets when Luis Rojas went to the bullpen.

Jeurys Familia continued his Jekyll/Hyde routine of the season struggling tonight. After allowing the first two to reach, he got Francisco Cervelli to hit into the double play he needed. Unfortunately, instead of getting out of the inning, Familia walked the next two to load the bases.

Drew Smith relieved Familia, and he made a good pitch getting Monte Harrison to hit what is normally a routine ground ball. Unfortunately with the shift, it was a two RBI single. This was a situation where the process was right, the pitch was good, but the result was bad. More often than not, if the Mets continue this approach, they’ll win more than they lose.

Smith fell down 3-0 to Jonathan Villar. Fortunately for Smith, it was a horrendous at-bat by Villar from that point forward, and Smith would get the strike out to end the jam.

Nearly a year to the date of his last performance, Robert Gsellman pitched a scoreless seventh striking out two. After Gsellman, Seth Lugo pitched a scoreless eighth. With the Mets up by four runs and it not being a save opportunity, Rojas made the right call limiting Lugo to an inning.

While eventful, Justin Wilson pitched a scoreless ninth. With that, the Mets became the first team to beat the Marlins in two weeks. That’s partially the result of the Marlins COVID19 outbreak. Whatever the case, the last place Mets beat the first place Marlins.

Game Notes: Billy Hamilton made his second start in center for the Mets. With the left-handed starter, Brian Dozier started at second. He’s 1-for-11 on the season with four strikeouts.

7 Replies to “Mets Homegrown Talent Beats Marlins Youth”

  1. David Klein says:

    Not a word after Davis big day you are such a loser.while he’s nowhere near the player Wright was from ‘04-13 the way Davis goes to the opposite field with power reminds me of Wright.

    For all the irrational hate he gets; Conforto has had a monster start to the season getting on base , making hard contact and even clobbering lefties. Davis looks great at third base and should have been there from opening day if only the Mets looked at his statcast numbers last year. Davis continues to kill it with the bat and makes poor Metsdaddy weep. Familia has three good outings this year and three bad outings; keep him away from his leverage spots. Gsellman finally throwing his high spin curve regularity could be a game changer. Oh and more Drew Smith please. Pete coming out of the doldrums could turn around the season.

    1. metsdaddy says:

      The irrational Davis love has gotten to the point where he’s getting Wright comparisons.

  2. WallFlores says:

    Why no mention of J.D Davis’s enormous HR? That was a pivotal hit late in the game. You also failed to mention his significant slash and his hitting streak.

    1. metsdaddy says:

      I’m sorry if I didn’t mention the insurance runs coming off a Four-A pitcher with a horrible career HR rate

      1. David Klein says:

        It was 5-4 at the time dummy.

        1. metsdaddy says:

          Odd you call me a dummy when I properly used the term insurance runs.

          Speaks volumes about the intellect of the JD Fanclub

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