Mojo Rising Bracket: (5) Robin Ventura vs. (12) Todd Zeile

(5) Robin Ventura – Forever known through baseball history for the Grand Slam Single. In his Mets career also became the first player to hit a grand slam in both ends of a doubleheader. Won a Gold Glove in 1999 and was a member of the best defensive infield in baseball history. In 1999, set a then Mets single season record for RBI in a season (surpassed by Mike Piazza in that same season). By WAR, top player on 1999 team which returned to postseason. His rain delay impersonation of Piazza is still one of the most popular rain delay bloopers.

(12) Todd Zeile – Played for 11 MLB teams in his career with the Mets being the only team he played for twice. Came to the Mets originally in 2000 as a replacement for John Olerud. Helped that Mets team win a pennant with a great postseason. By OPS was the Mets best hitter in that World Series and might’ve been remembered differently if the ball obeyed the rules of physics or Timo Perez ran it out. Was the player who spearheaded wearing the first responder caps post 9/11. Returned to Mets to be a post game analyst on SNY.

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