Mojo Rising Bracket: (1) Mike Piazza vs. (16) Rico Brogna

(1) Mike Piazza – greatest offensive catcher in Major League history who decided to wear a Mets cap on his Hall of Fame plaque. Second player to have his number retired by the Mets. Hit a number of big homers for the franchise including one capping off the 10 run inning against the Braves and the one post 9/11. Mets all-time leader in slugging and second in OPS. All over the single season and career top 10 offensive categories. Took those late 90s Mets teams over the top. Caught final pitch at Shea Stadium and first pitch at Citi Field.

(16) Rico Brogna – Local kid Rico Suave was an instant fan favorite after a big 1995 season. In that season, he became the first ever player to homer at Coors Field. Had difficulty building off that very good 1995 season due to his suffering from ankylosing spondylitis. Would go on to become a national spokesperson for the disease. With Mets making efforts to reach out to alumni last year, he was one of the first players to return to Citi Field.

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