Trivia Friday: Eight Men Out Actors

The last baseball season to be delayed or have a portion cancelled due to something other than labor issues was 1919. In that season, the Cincinnati Reds beat the Chicago White Sox. As we now know, there were White Sox players who conspired to throw the World Series, and as a result, those who conspired or knew about the conspiracy were thrown out of baseball.

Those eight players were Chick Gandil, Eddie Cicotte, Happy Felsch, Shoeless Joe JacksonFred McMullin, Swede Risberg, Buck Weaver, and Lefty Williams.

Most player know some or all of those names. That is due to a combination of the fact people are baseball fans, cinephile, or both. On that note, with there being no baseball, we are left to some combination of simulated games, classic games, and movies.

One of the best baseball movies of all time is Eight Men Out. Can you name the actors who played each of the proverbial eight men out? Good luck!