K’Andre Miller Deserves Better

In an effort for fans to get to know K’Andre Miller better, the New York Rangers had a Zoom chat where the defense prospect could answer questions. That is what it was supposed to be. It became something so much worse.

Instead, racist(s) filled the chat with racial epithets which should never be uttered let alone repeated. If you want to see it, you can click the link, but be warned it’s beyond offensive.

This has been described by some as Zoombombing. That’s not it. Racism is racism. To call it anything else is inadvertently downplaying it.

Miller did nothing to deserve this. Frankly, it’s impossible to think of anything anyone could do to deserve it. It wasn’t just Miller. Anyone who was there didn’t deserve to see the viciousness of the words or the attack.

How this was allowed to happen and why this account wasn’t immediately shut down is anyone’s guess. The response to this was not as swift as you would’ve liked, but that could be attributable to COVID19. Whatever the case, people forcefully stepped up to denounce the actions and to support Miller.


This is nowhere near the level of support Miller has received. By and large, everyone has joined in denouncing the racist garbage and in supporting someone who is just a 20 year old defenseman sitting home just like the rest of us.

He just finished his Junior season at the University of Wisconsin, and he was supposed to be embarking on a great NHL career. Instead, he had to deal with something beyond all bounds of human decency.

Fortunately, Rangers fans and players were quick to support him just as they will when he first steps on the Garden Ice. Hopefully, soon he will know Rangers fans will not stand for racism, and that we all love those players who wear the blue shirts.

Miller deserves better than the treatment jr received. Once hockey returns, he will get that better treatment from Rangers fans who will give him the outpouring of love and support he should’ve received today.