Jeff Wilpon Wants Player Salaries Cut Before Playing Fanless Games

As reported on CNN, New York Governor and noted Mets fan Andrew Cuomo called Jeff Wilpon to tell him people need baseball. That much is evident from seeing the fan enthusiasm at Gary, Keith, and Ron calling a simulated game.

For public safety reasons, Governor Cuomo said these games may need to be played in empty ballparks. Wilpon was having none of that saying playing games without fans would require player salaries be cut to offset the lack of attendance.

In response of a global pandemic, Wilpon is using this as an opportunity to cut player salaries. This is the same person who reportedly torpedoed a $2+ billion deal with Steve Cohen so he can play GM.

This is also the same person behind firing an unwed pregnant woman, tried to stop Carlos Beltran from having career saving surgery, altered Pedro Martinez‘s career by forcing him to pitch through an injury to get a gate, and other untold despicable decisions.

For some of us, COVID19 is emotionally, physically, and financially crippling. Many of us are desperate for any sense of normalcy, for any distraction. For our collective mental health, we need baseball to return as soon as it is safe for players to play.

As far as Wilpon is concerned, that doesn’t matter. The man purportedly not paying ballpark or SNY employees desperate for a paycheck is going to ask players to cut their guaranteed salaries to permit them to play and to help the country get through this pandemic.

Obviously, Wilpon purposefully misheard John F. Kennedy said as, “Ask not what you’re country can do for you, ask what your players can do for their country.”

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