Amazin Bracket: (7) Jesse Orosco vs. (11) Bob Ojeda

(7) Jesse Orosco – we are still awaiting for his glove thrown to the heavens to descend to the Earth. Won three games in the 1986 NLCS and recorded two saves in the 1986 World Series. Also had an RBI single in Game 7. His 1983 season was likely the best any Mets reliever ever had, and he finished third in Cy Young voting. Has the most appearances in Major League history, and he was the last member of the 1986 team to be an active player.

(11) Bob Ojeda – Joined the Mets in 1986 and was a key part of the club winning the World Series while one of the players traded to obtain him, Calvin Schiraldi, blew the save in Games 6 and 7. Led the 1986 team in ERA+. Had a number of big starts in that 1986 postseason playing the part of the stopper. Led league in FIP in 1988 and his injuring his hand was pointed to as one of the reasons the Mets lost the NLCS. Was a beloved and respected post-game analyst for SNY before being replaced by Nelson Figueroa.

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