Tips For Mr. Met Dash

On the last game before the All Star Break, I brought my son to the Mr. Met Dash. Once we got onto the field, he had the time of his life, and honestly, he has not stopped talking about it. He loved everything about the dash once he got onto the field. The key here being once we got onto the field.

Leading up until that point, it was exhausting for him and for me.

It was a hot and muggy day with the ballpark flooded with people due to it being Spiderman Bobblehead Day. There were lines all over the ballpark to get food and to hit the baseball behind center field. The Phillies were dominating the Mets. All-in-all, it was a pretty frustrating day at the ballpark.

Still, getting on the basepaths to run on the same field as the Mets players made it all worthwhile. A week later, and my son is still talking about how he ran the basepaths. Seeing his excitement, it is something I will consider doing again in the near future. Next time, I plan on doing it better. There are some ways.

First and foremost, if you belong to the Mr. Met Club, you get priority access. The members of the Mr. Mets Club get to run the bases before those who are not members. This along with four complimentary tickets to a Mets and Cyclones game along with other perks. The cost of the membership is $35 or $55 depending on the level of membership you purchase.

In terms of value, not having to wait in that line, the trinkets, and the tickets are probably well worth the money. Of course, the issue I had in the past was remembering to bring the lanyard with me to the games to get some of the perks. Also, in year’s past the tickets were for weekday games which are difficult to attend. So in the end, it’s not for everyone.

If you don’t want to spend the money on the Mr. Met Club, there is still another way to get priority access. Before the game, Citi Perks sets up a table atop the escalators above the Jackie Robinson Rotunda. If you have a Citi card (or ask nicely enough), they will give you a pass to get priority access.

Even with the priority access, the lines are LONG. For example, the lines of just the Mr. Met Club members and Citi Perks ticket holders stretched from the bullpen area to the parking lot on Seaver Way. If you want to get to the front of that line, you are going to have to leave during the game.

To get to the front of that line, you are going to have to leave around the seventh inning stretch. The downside is you’re missing the rest of the game and have to wait around for the game to end. In a game the Mets are losing 8-3, that’s not as big of a deal. If it’s a close game or the Mets are winning, it’s a completely different story. In the end, it really is a matter of just how much you want to get on that line and back to your car to get home.

Two other important factors. First, carry some cash on you. If it’s a hot day like it was on Sunday, you’re going to be dying of thirst after running the bases. When you exit the ballpark after running the bases, there is a vendor there selling soda and water (at ballpark prices). He accepted cash only when I was there.

Second, there is not re-admittance into the ballpark. For some reason, that also includes the team store. Accordingly, if you want to get your kid a souvenir, you need to get it before heading on line for the Mr. Met Dash. It’s a small lesson I learned as my son wanted to get his Pete Alonso All-Star shirt.

All that considered, even if you don’t have priority access, doing the Mr. Met Dash is well worth it. Even though they try to usher you off the field once you touch home plate, you will have a moment or two to take a picture with your kid on the field. There are plenty of families there who want family photos are will be amenable to the normal swap of taking family photos.

There’s one other thing people won’t tell you. No one is checking your ticket before you get in line or get on the field. Accordingly, if you are so inclined and are in the neighborhood, you can just hop on the line and have your child run the bases without even attending the game. Just a thought.

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  1. Blair M. Schirmer says:

    Adorable pictures. At that age running the bases at Shea would have made my year. Thanks for relaying the story.

    1. Golthamist says:

      Heck yeah. We got to walk around the real Yankee Stadium field but to do the dash? Some of the posts are with Daddio talking as the father, second of three generations of Met fans.

    2. metsdaddy says:

      I’m glad you enjoyed it.

  2. Blair M. Schirmer says:

    Woolgathering while waiting for a phone call:

    2020 Lineup w WAR predictions (rounded to the nearest whole number):

    1B – Alonso, 6
    2B – Cano (should be McNeil), 1
    SS – Rosario, 1
    3B – JD Davis, 0
    LF – Dom Smith, 1
    CF – Conforto, 3
    RF – McNeil, 4
    C – Ramos 1, Nido 0

    SP – deGrom 6, Syndergaard 3, Matz 1, Vargas 1, x,
    RP – Diaz 1, Familia 1, Lugo 1, Drew Smith, Justin Wilson, Gsellman, x

    Those are the positive producers or current starters at each position. They project to contribute around 31 WAR above replacement level. Add that to the usual figure of 49 WAR credited to freely available talent even a team like the Orioles should be able to scrape up at each roster slot and it means that the Mets’ *productive* talent is good for 80 wins. The problem is the Mets have huge problems actually scraping up that talent and filling their non-productive holes on the roster with players who, while not actually productive, at least won’t cost them wins. These are AAAA players, players whose line at the end of a season ends in around 0.0 WAR.

    Subtract the 8.8 WAR their net negative producers subtracted from the team in 2018, and the 2020 Mets currently project to win around (80 – 8.8 =) ~71 games, resulting in a 71-91 record.

    (Worth noting, and portending real trouble is that the team’s bad players are actually worse than ever in 2019, where through the ASB, in 90 games, the team’s net negative producers have already cost the team 7.5 WAR. Pro rated to 162 games and those players will cost the 2019 Mets a whopping 13.5 wins. No team can unearth themselves from that handicap.)

    1. Saul’s Colorist says:

      At least with Nido starting and Frazier being the only plus fielder …
      Yet, defense may not matter at all….. Alonso, McNeil, Cano finding his stroke, JD Davis improving and Conforto projected to be an AllStar again.

      1. Saul’s Colorist says:

        The wildcard is to me — that now I would prefer McNeil over Alonso on my playoff roster.

        To me the jury is out whether I would take McNeil’s career over Alonso’s.
        I hope they get a left fielder or a CF by the trade deadline ….
        I do not want to know Dom Smith’s split’s….as a starter..
        Here, no pressure, no 30,000 fans in the seats, no National TV, no pennant race and I just do not want to see Dom’s RISP ABATS ….
        I love the guy as a PH, he is superb … a very valuable pinch hitter…

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