deGrom Stumbles And Callaway Fumbles

You know things are going south fast with the Mets when Jacob deGrom gets battered by the Marlins. In five innings, he allowed seven runs (six earned) on nine hits.

Sure, deGrom was abandoned by his defense. Misplays by the team’s two best defensive players, Juan Lagares and Todd Frazier, led to runs. Carlos Gomez threw a ball away allowing a run to score and move a runner into scoring position. However, it wasn’t either one of them who allowed a Jorge Alfaro bomb.

Paul Sewald, who was called up today, would eat up two innings to help save the bullpen. When he left the game, it seemed like the team was just going through the motions.

Up until the seventh, the Mets only run was a Pete Alonso second inning solo shot. A J.D. Davis two run shot in the seventh pulled the Mets to within 7-3, and things began to get interesting.

Brandon Nimmo singled, and Amed Rosario walked in front of Robinson Cano. Instead of delivering the key hit, he’d ground into an inning ending 1-6-3 double play. Although he’s done it his whole career, he certainly chose an awkward spot to not even bother running it out.

For what it’s worth, Cano said the scoreboard said there were two outs.

Still, the Mets had another rally in them even after Sewald allowed a run in the bottom of the seventh.

For some reason, Don Mattingly thought it was a good idea to bring in Adam Conley to start an inning which Alonso was leading off. Alonso made Mattingly pay by hitting a homer which sparked, not killed, rally.

The Mets would load the bases with no outs, and Mattingly brought in Sergio Romo to get the six out save.

The decision briefly looked like it’d haunt Mattingly when Lagares hit an RBI single. However, the rally stifled from there. After a Davis pop out, Nimmo hit a sacrifice fly. That’s when Mickey Callaway made a game altering decision.

Amed Rosario, who has been one of the Mets better hitters of late, was due up. Romo was a tough matchup for him, and you could understand the inclination to hit for him, especially when the guy you’re bringing in was Jeff McNeil. However, that overlooks McNeil not only left yesterday’s game with an abdominal injury, but he also wouldn’t start tonight because of it.

McNeil didn’t look quite like McNeil striking out against Romo. As bad as that was, things would get worse in the ninth.

After two quick outs, Wilson Ramos hit a double to keep the Mets hopes alive. Because of Callaway’s decision in the eighth, that meant the game was Adeiny Hechavarria‘s hands. He predictably struck out and the Mets lost 8-6.

There was plenty of blame to go around. The defense abandoned deGrom, who didn’t pitch well. Cano didn’t run it out and/or didn’t know how many outs there were. Callaway set a series of dominos into effect which led to Hechavarria striking out to end the game.

This is what a bad baseball team looks like.

Game Notes: Michael Conforto was placed on the seven day concussion IL. Keon Broxton was designated for assignment to make room for Gomez on the roster. Gomez is wearing 91. Frazier was 2-for-3 with a walk and a triple.

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  1. David Klein says:

    Mets are now 0-21 when trailing after seven innings this year and the Mets like yesterday came close but it wasn’t enough, and for the second day in a row the game was on the line and the Mets had a shit hitter at the plate.

    Jacob deGrom has not been himself for the most part in his careerwith extra rest and he got clobbered by a team that hadn’t scored in a week and started an OF of Berti, Cooper and Ramirez with a horrid infield and with Neil Walker as by far their best hitter. The Marlins had a wRC+ in the 60’s coming into tonight and crushed deGrom. I mean Jake threw like twenty plus pitches to Cooper in his first two at bats. I mean if deGrom just has a mediocre start the Mets likely win. Jake is the biggest goat in tonight’s game and Cano is the second goat with his double play in a pitch spot and his pathetic at bat in the ninth where he chased sinkers and sliders way out of the zone and got himself out.

    Not blaming Mickey for Gomez being in there over Davis as he wanted Davis in there and was overruled because he told Francesa that Davis was playing in LF. JD breathed life into the Mets tonight with his homer but also popped out in the 8th with no outs and the bases loaded so a mixed bag.

    I question pinch hitting McNeil for Rosario and Rosario has had a good month but then again you can’t know that the pitchers spot is gonna come up in the ninth and that at bat in the 8th might be your best and last chance to get to Romo. That said, when Hech is the last guy on your bench not including Nido it’s not what you want.

    Alonso is a monster and his first homer was just a flick of the wrist is just insanity and so was his second one he’s just a star.

    All in all losing to the Marlins by giving up all those runs is unacceptable just terrible and the season seems to be spiraling.

    1. metsdaddy says:

      The season is spiraling. It’s what happens when the GM builds an extremely flawed roster.

    2. MLB’s#1_Farm says:

      “Cano is the second goat with his double play in a pitch spot and his pathetic at bat in the ninth where he chased sinkers and sliders way out of the zone and got himself out.”

      With Alonso coming up all Cano had to do was get the ball in the air.

      Selling and going for youth?
      The GM to give up after six weeks?
      You trade Dunn and Kelenic?
      Who will take Cano?

      Sewald without a new pitch is just a garbage time pitcher.

      No doubt, the starting pitching has been inconsistent at best.
      I did not see Rosario as able to hit Romo’s changup or slider.

      Thank goodness Romo threw almost thirty pitches and will not pitch tomorrow.
      You start rallies after the seventh and come up short twice in a row, they must seriously get it done next time — they failed against the Nats and the Marlins.

      Cano was greeting all the HR hitters all night, he had to rely on the scoreboard to know how many outs?

      Bull shit… he is lying and now… is not credible …
      Maybe he can get Paul LaDuca stats at 34 years old this year?
      Who knows?

  2. Patrick OHara says:

    Ownership of a big market team with the mindset of a small market and the spending habit of a mid-market…
    It terms of top down management (which is the epitome of wilpons), it’s an inherent mess

    1. metsdaddy says:

      This is a bad team

  3. Gothamist says:

    Maybe it is not only the Dolans, Wilpons, Katz with their jinx, bad karma etc…
    Or The small mindset….
    The lack of a personal fortune to insulate years of losses.

    Older Wilpon running to the Commissioner to complain that the Yankees ‘bought” Stanton….


    But add in:

    – Operating to avoid failure is just focusing on failure as to avoid it vs, focusing on success


    Scariest is Jeff Wilpon has thirty years to go and he ain’t letting go…!!!

    We can not even pray that he becomes silent or he or Saul hand off the entire baseball operations Presidency or COO to a Dombrowski, Epstein, Kasten, Daniels or Shapiro… even Eppler or DiPoto or Daniels would be a huge improvement!

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