Thank You Yoenis Cespedes

Right now, anything is possible for the Mets next season because Yoenis Cespedes signed a four year $110 million contract to remain with the team.  Seriously, nothing can be ruled out.

We should see fancier cars.  The team will certainly have state of the art waffle makers at Spring Training.  Almost assuredly, there is no way the Mets will be able to keep Cespedes off the golf course.  There will certainly be interesting walk-up music this year.  After which, we will most likely see one of the many epic bat flips Cespedes has at his disposal.

More importantly, the Mets will have a player who could put a stamp down as being one of the most dynamic outfielders in Mets history.  That is no small statement considering Darryl Strawberry played at a Hall of Fame caliber level with the Mets, and Carlos Beltran furthered his chances of becoming a Hall of Famer during his time in Flushing.

And with that, anything is possible in 2017.  That goes double when you consider Matt Harvey, Jacob deGrom, and Steven Matz will be rejoining Noah Syndergaard in the starting rotation next season.  Between the pitching and Cespedes bat in the middle of the lineup, the Mets could beat anybody in 2017.  Name the team, and at a minimum, the Mets have a good chance at beating them next year.  That’s how much the pitching and Cespedes mean to this team.

For 2017, and the ensuing three seasons, the Mets are going to have a chance to compete for a World Series because they have the pitching and they have La Potencia.  This team is now primed for a run like they were from 1984 – 1990.  There is a World Series champion lurking in the Mets clubhouse right now.  It’s only a matter of time before it happens.  This is how much Cespedes meant to this team.

With that said, everyone, and I mean everyone should go out and buy a Cespedes jersey to not only show appreciation to Cespedes for staying, but also for the Wilpons for paying the money required to bring Cespedes back to the Mets.  This organization is finally starting to spend like a big market club again, and it is happening at time when the Mets need it most.