A Cespedes for the Mets of Us

Last year, we got to celebrate Cespedes for only three months. Now that Yoenis Cespedes has re-signed with three Mets, we will have a full year to celebrate Cespedes. 

For you new fans, Cespedes is a time that fans gather round Citi Field or their TV sets to watch Yoenis dazzle on the field and lead the Mets to the postseason. If you haven’t been here before, Yoenis hits balls that go really out there. It all starts with the Cespedes bat. 

Cespedes Pole

For the Cespedes Pole, you nee something balanced and sturdy. You need something that is strong enough to handle 90+ MPH fastballs but light enough that it can soar in the air with the flick of the wrists. 

Throwing Out of Baserunners 

Cespedes has a lot of issues with these baserunners trying to take the extra base, and the umpire is going to let them hear about it:

Once the umpire calls there baserunners out, they “couldn’t smooth a silk sheet even if they had a hot date with a babe.”  I lost my train of thought. 

Feats of Strength

Cespedes isn’t over until Yoenis does a bat flip after a homer. 

If we see a repeat of what we saw last year, we can expect a Cespedes Miracle