I’ll Believe Matz is Fine When I See Him Pitch

The Mets have not had the best history when it comes to handling injuries: 


They’ve been really bad when it comes to diagnosing and treating back injuries. The Mets recently botched the diagnosis and treatment of Lucas Duda‘s back problems. Now, they’re doing it with Steven Matz on the eve of the NLDS. 

Originally, it was classified as a problem with Matz’s side. This was a problem in and of itself with his prior injury. However, everyone was rest assured that Matz would start on Thursday instead of Wednesday. Then, it was discovered it wasn’t a side injury; it was a back injury. And oh yeah, his Thursday start was going to be skipped.  He’s not going to pitch on Friday either

In fact, he’s not going to start for the rest of the regular season. Collins is going to try to find five innings on Saturday or Sunday; two games that may never get played due to rain. There’s been no explanation why today is not a possibility. I’m starting to wonder what the excuse will be on Saturday and/or Sunday when Mstz doesn’t pitch. 

I can’t trust that he’ll be available for the playoffs in the rotation or the bullpen. No one should.