Recapping My Sunday

I know two years ago, I don’t miss yesterday’s game. Ten years ago, my brother and I would’ve built the whole day around it with getting some good beer and firing up the grill. Yesterday, my brother came over, and we missed most of the game because we were doing something better – playing with my son. 

Sure, I had the radio on in the background. I was aware the Mets blew a 3-0 lead. I remembered cursing under my breath at the Richie Shaffer homerun off of Bartolo Colon. However, I was more consumed with playing baseball, playing with the water table, and playing whatever games came into that imaginative little head of his. 

As the game progressed my brother asked me how was I going to do a game recap. My answer was I couldn’t. When I do the game recaps, I try to do them as contemporaneously as possible – not to be first, but rather to try to recapture my impressions as the game was being played. 

So I skipped the game recap because while I knew what was happening, I had no real feel for the game. You know kind of like that person who shows up to your Super Bowl party wearing the wrong jersey regurgitating whatever Chris Berman said earlier in the day.   Anyway, at least the Nationals didn’t capitalize. 

So even though the Mets lost, I would say the whole weekend ended on the upswing:

I hope your weekend did as well.