Mets Finances

Sometimes, I don’t understand Mets fans. The Mets make a few trades and they act like they’re flush with cash. The Mets refinance $700 million in debt, and fans act the team is broke again. 

The truth of the matter is nothing has changed. It’s true the Mets added almost $9 million in salary. Its also true the Braves and Athletics provided money in their trades with the Mets. 

Furthermore, they have saved money in their current payroll. Jenrry Mejia was slated to make $2 million. It was his own stupidity that led to most of this money not being paid. Then there’s the savings on the David Wright contract. He’s slated to make $20 million, and his contract is 75% insured. 

Based upon the 162 game schedule, Wright makes $123,419.79 per game. Wright has missed 111 games, or $13,699,596.69 in salary. With his contract being 75% insured, the Mets saved $10,274,679.52. You’ve read that right. While the Mets have technically added payroll, the salaries they’re paying out is less than their budget. Keep in mind this number increases each day Wright is on the DL. 

The refinancing is not an issue. They’re saving money. It’s the reason why people refinance their homes. This isn’t the reason to question the Mets finances and motives. The reason to question the Mets finances is how they handle their payroll. 

Sure, they’ll tell you they added $9 million in payroll, but the Mets have saved a lot more than that. The Mets are still in the bottom third in payroll. They’re not spending like a New York team. This team has holes, notably the bullpen

Accordingly, I ask you that next time you’re told something by this team, whether by press release or by feeding it to various news outlets, question the information. While this team can’t afford much, it does seem they’ve been able to obtain good press coverage. 

I guess winning does cure all ills . . . including the financial ones.