It’s funny how sometimes the simple and almost inane things become the most treasured parts of your youth.  For me, one of my favorite things growing up was sitting around Nana’s dinner table after Sunday dinner.  My uncles, along with my brother and I, would sit around and begin testing each other with baseball trivia questions until the time Nana had enough and would yell “NO MORE BASEBALL AT THE DINNER TABLE!”

It was at this dinner table, I learned about baseball’s history.  I learned the exploits of the greatest players in the form of trivia questions.  “When Babe Ruth hit 60 homeruns, whose record did he beat?”  His own.  “Who is the only player to win an MVP in both leagues?”  Frank Robinson.  “Who’s the only pitcher to win multiple Game 7s?”  Bob Gibson.  This would go on and on, and I loved every minute of it.

In a nod to these memories, I wanted to include a trivia question each week.  Rather than have a bunch of comments, posts, etc., I decided to use Sporcle.  I figured with the Mets playing the Cardinals, Keith Hernandez being named to the Mets Franchise Four, and the Mets fans clamoring for a trade, this week’s quiz seeks the players involved in the 1984 trade that brought Keith Hernandez to the Mets.  Good luck!