Mets Intersting in Bringing Back the Wrong Free Agent

Put Eric O’Flaherty aside. The last free agent the Mets should be interested in bringing back is Bartolo Colon, and yet here we are:

Yoenis Cespedes may not be a true CF, but he’s got power, and he’s shown he can thrive in New YorkDaniel Murphy may not be the best defender, but he’s versatile. He also comes up big in the big moments. There are roles for these players even if they are not perfect players. What’s Colon’s role?
He’s not the fifth starter. That spot is being presumably held by Jon Niese until Zack Wheeler‘s rehab is complete. Why would the Mets make him the long man?  Carlos Torres and Sean Gilmartin are much cheaper alternatives who have succeeded in that role. What’s his role?

Do we really want to see him back with the Mets?  Do we trust Terry Collins having him in the bullpen?  Collins has already showed an over reliance on him over younger and better relievers. Put that all aside, do we even know if Colon at the age of 43 can manage being a reliever?  Is this really the best use of the Mets resources?

It’s time to move away from Colon and sign a player that can fulfill an actual need. 

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