My Rookie of the Year Ballot

Overall, I think the criteria I would look at in voting for a Rookie of the Year is similar to the criteria to the MVP Award. To sum up, I will be looking at the following:

  1. The total amount of games played;
  2. The total value of the player (offense, defense, character); and
  3. Pitchers may be considered for the award. 

However, to me that’s not enough. I believe the Rookie of the Year is a delicate balance between who played the best and who’s the best player. How much weight do you place on games played and how effective a player plays in those games?  

I think test is Bob Hamelin over Manny Ramirez and the 1994 Rookie of the Year Award. Sure, by some measures Hamelin had a better year, but even then, we knew Manny was the better player. It looks wrong, but the result might’ve been right. Personally, I probably would’ve voted for Hamelin, but I would’ve changed my mind several times right up to the deadline. 

I can tell you the AL ROY race is the main reason I’m still holding onto my ballot right now. I just hope I make the right decision. 

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