Don’t Worry About Minnesota Twins With Carlos Correa

It’s been over two weeks since the New York Mets and Carlos Correa agreed to a 12 year $315 million deal. As we know, the Mets shared the San Francisco Giants’ concerns with Correa’s ankle.

Unlike the Giants, the Mets continued negotiations. By and large, it seemed both sides were still very motivated to get the deal done.

The Giants looked to get back into the bidding with them being informed Correa was going to be a Met. As a result, the Giants shifted their focus and signed Michael Conforto.

The Minnesota Twins were always interested in bringing Correa back. They loved him last season, but they don’t present the same chance to win, and their contract offer was a distant third.

The longer this intricate negotiation continues with the Mets there is more of a chance Amy team could jump back in and sign Correa. The Twins are just as likely as any other team to do that.

Presumably, there are 28 other teams who could do the same. Make no mistake here. It’s Scott Boras’ job to keep other teams engaged to either push the Mets and/or make a quick move in the event negotiations break down.

With respect to the Twins, given their history, there shouldn’t be fear they present a Godfather offer to Correa. That history includes this offseason when they failed to do just that.

In all likelihood, they’re around because Boras is keeping them around. He needs them as leverage. He needs them as a fallback because if not the Twins, then who?

The Mets are aware of this, and we see they’re pondering walking away from the negotiations. In all likelihood, this is usually what we hear at the endgame.

Of course, that means it can still fall apart. However, if it does, it’s not because of the Twins. It’s because of Correa’s ankle.

If Correa re-signs with the Twins, it won’t be because the Mets didn’t match an offer. It’s because Correa’s ankle was too big of an issue.

This is an area where Steve Cohen deserves the benefit of the doubt in the way the Wilpons never did. We know Cohen can and will spend the money if it makes sense.

If Cohen and the Mets don’t sign Correa, don’t blame the Mets. Don’t blame Correa or Boras. Certainly, don’t blame the Twins or whatever other phantom team is out there.

It just means this wasn’t to be, and the Mets will find another way to improve the roster. Trust the Mets here.