Carlos Beltran Astros Scandal Should Not Impact Hall Of Fame Voting

Peel everything back, and Carlos Beltrán should be a first ballot Hall of Famer. Really, the only debate over Beltrán and the Hall of Fame is whether or not he will wear a New York Mets cap on his plaque.

However, that glosses over the Houston Astros cheating scandal, which has been blown way out of proportion. In reality, the writers have been hypocritically holding the scandal against Beltrán.

Remember, David Ortiz was inducted in his first year on the ballot. It was then and remains now a complete and utter farce with Beltrán’s candidacy only cementing that fact.

Ortiz threw bats at umpires. He was served with restraining orders for domestic violence. Also, he was caught cheating using PEDs. It was something held against everyone but him.

While Ortiz was inducted on the first ballot, Beltrán is tending towards not being inducted on the first ballot. That’s even with his actions having previously been celebrated by other teams.

Remember the “Shot Heard Round the World” and the story of the 1951 New York Giants. Well, they did the same exact thing as the 2017 Houston Astros.

The Giants went on a 36-7 tear erasing a 12.5 game deficit forcing a tiebreaker series. In the deciding third game and the Giants trailing 4-2, Bobby Thomson hit a walk-off three run homer off Ralph Branca.

The issue is that Giants team was unapologetically sign stealing. Given the technologies available back then, their’s was far more intricate and complex than what the Astros did.

That Giants team had future Hall of Famers players in Willie Mays and Monte Irvin led by Hall of Famer manager Leo Durocher. Right now, and back in 2017, no one cares about the Giants sign stealing and these Hall of Famers roles in it.

We should also note here the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox were themselves implicated and punished for similar sign stealing measures.

Somehow, we’re supposed to care about and punish just Beltrán. To date, he’s still the only player from that team punished and will forever remain as such.

On that note, when Beltrán’s teammates have become free agents, teams have been in an outright bidding war to obtain them. Apparently, the caring only goes so far.

That’s the ultimate issue here. No one really cares except when it comes to Beltrán. He’s being held to a completely different standard than everyone.

His former teammates remain unpunished while Beltrán is fired as Mets manager and isn’t getting Hall of Fame votes. Cheaters are inducted in the Hall of Fame, but he has to wait.

It’s absurd. Voters need to stop being so hypocritical after Ortiz’s induction and glossing over all the other cheating scandals. They need to reassess everything and do some soul searching. After that, they should rectify their mistake and vote for Beltrán’s induction next year.