Best 2022 Kids Baseball Training

When our kid loves a sport like baseball, the question is how can I help my child improve? What is the gadget or new training tool?

There are infomercials and commercials. There are incessant ads across social media. We’re reminded of Fred McGriff from our youth.

It’s not always about being a crazy dad trying to have your child make it when you couldn’t. For the most part, it’s just about investing in your child and letting them be better at what they love.

There are a number of different devices which can actually help. Of course, it’s difficult to know which device can specifically help your child.

There is good news. There is something universal which can help your child improve in baseball. I

It’s you.

Look, life gets in the way all the time. There are countless things to do at work and home which always get in the way. We all know you’re not being selfish by handling those things or the myriad of other things which always get in the way.

And it’s not just you. There are practices, birthdays, and play dates. There’s homework and projects. There’s rain and snow.

Still, in any week, there’s always time to be found.

So long as you have a glove and ball, you can have a catch with your child. There is literally nothing more you can do to help foster your child’s love of the sport and help grow your relationship than that.

Grab a chair and Whiffle ball. Throw all those crazy pitches to your kid. It works on their hand eye coordination and ability to see the ball. Mostly, it’s just really fun.

There are other things you can do like grab a tee and net. You can watch videos and hit the batting cage. They’re all great tools, but it’s no substitute for you.

So, as you see all these Black Friday deals, and you question what you can do, you already have the answer. The answer is you and has always been you.