SNY App Sucks

If you have been trying to watch the Mets on the SNY App, good luck. All over Twitter and the internet there are complaints about the app. For those using Roku, Fire TV, or an ipad, there are many instances where they need to constantly reload the app. Often times, this is multiple times an inning.

This makes watching Mets games on the app next to impossible. You lose chunks of the game just trying to restart the app. There’s also the matter of how far delayed it is from the actual broadcast. Another issue is even if you are a paid cable subscriber, it will not permit you to watch the Mets games on the app when you, yourself, are out of your home thereby defeating one of the features which would make the app desirable.

It’s beyond frustrating when the app crashes only for you to have to watch two commercials to get back to the action. Yes, that is the norm for loading any app, but it is all the more problematic when you wind up spending more of your time rewatching the same commercials over and over again than you do watching the actual game.

Another issue is how the app did not cut the audio from Gary Cohen when SNY cut to highlights. Fortunately, there was no Nick Castellanos moment, but rather, Cohen complaining about why SNY is showing Yankees highlights while Ron Darling was trying to alert Cohen to the issue.

Of course, what makes this all the more frustrating is this Mets team is really good and has a real chance to win the World Series. As a fan, you don’t want to miss a moment, and yet, you’re forced to miss many.

Given the Wilpons own SNY, we shouldn’t be all that surprised. After all, this was a family who set out every year to make the Mets unwatchable. Now that they don’t have the power to do so with their personnel decisions, they are setting forth and doing it with their app.

4 Replies to “SNY App Sucks”

  1. Castle says:

    This is a JOKE. THE APP IS Driving me nuts!

  2. DomClem says:

    It keeps freezing after just a few minutes. Totally useless!

  3. Jpllpjinc says:

    Im pretty good with tv/computer stuff akin to maintaining my car. App worked fine though 15 games. Now same problem. Every 4-5 minutes buffers and freezes. Tried everything. Uninstall/restart app and firestick, shut down all other apps, cleared cache, my internet speed is excellent and wired connection to fire stick. It HAS to be app of the service broadcasting from. It DOES work on my iphone though. Out ot frustration I just paid $70 /month to reactivate Fubo and works fine. But soon i will figure out how to broadcast from my phone and be done with this. F-ing Wilpons

  4. John daru says:

    If they don’t fix it I might have to change teams, the most annoying thing ever

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