Mets Should Obtain Clint Frazier

With the deadline to protect Rule 5 players, you’ll typically see some shocking moves. The New York Yankees designating Clint Frazier ranks as a shocking move.

While shocking, it probably wasn’t all that surprising. It never really worked for him with the Yankees, and there are questions about whether he’s really recovered from his concussions and/or if he had other neurological issues.

Whatever the case, Frazier’s time with the Yankees appears to be over, and he will be with a new organization in 2022. That organization should be the New York Mets.

As constituted, the Mets only have Brandon Nimmo as an outfielder right now. Perhaps, depending on what they do this offseason, Jeff McNeil can slot back in left field. And no, once and for all Dominic Smith is not a LF.

In the minors, Khalil Lee is all the Mets have has Major League ready outfield depth. While we shouldn’t take away too much from an 11 game stint, he didn’t appear ready.

He looked overmatched for the most part. Certainly, he made improvements and should continue to improve. That said, he can’t be counted on as depth on Opening Day.

That’s what Frazier could be. He could be real depth for the Mets with upside. In some ways, he could provide the Mets with what Billy McKinney (another player designated for assignment) provided the Mets in 2021.

The two biggest positives with Frazier is he still hits the ball extremely hard, and his walk rate continues to improve. There is real offensive promise there, and a mixture of a new team, different analytical approach, and a new hitting coach could get Frazier to reach his potential.

On the latter two, we know the Mets are still addressing these needs. With the right people, the Mets could not only get the most out of Frazier, but really anyone on the team.

With Frazier, the bat isn’t the issue. There is enough to but in on the potential. That same probably can’t be said of the defense.

Aside from 2020, Frazier has put up a negative OAA. Part and parcel with that is Frazier’s decreasing spring speed. Even with improved positioning, it’s difficult to see how his defense would improve suddenly.

Of course, Frazier’s defense can improve, as we saw in 2020, but it’s difficult to see it improve to the point where he doesn’t hurt you everyday. With Frazier, that’s not an issue.

If the Mets got Frazier as a fourth outfielder, they can pick and choose his spots in the outfield. An even bigger benefit is he’s a right-handed bat who can complement what the Mets already have.

For this reason alone, this merits putting in a waiver claim on him. Perhaps, the Mets could swing a minor trade to endure they get him. In either event, there’s still real upside with Frazier, and the Mets could use another outfielder.

In the end, Frazier is very low risk with high reward. He’s well worth the gamble. That goes double for a Mets team which desperately needs outfielders.

13 Replies to “Mets Should Obtain Clint Frazier”

  1. Bob Ackerman says:

    This team will do nothing to really fix their needs in fact they will be worse

  2. royhobbs7 says:

    I like the way you think!
    I’m all in on Frazier as well!
    Upside is still possibly as a good-hitting OF (if he improves his defense and most of all, stays healthy!).

  3. David Valentin says:

    Its sad to hear that, especially if you are a mets fan. Give them a chance when april and may come then tou can talk .

    1. metsdaddy says:


  4. metsdaddy says:

    There’s only one OF on the roster now

  5. metsdaddy says:

    Dom and JD are not outfielders

    McNeil is more of an IF now

    Lee isn’t MLB ready

  6. longtimefan1 says:

    Clint frazier would be good depth option with upside, but there’s also pecking order to even get the opportunity to claim him and work out a deal with the Yankees. The entire American League has to pass, as do the NL teams who finished with worse W-L than Mets.

    If no one claims him and he becomes free agent, he’s free to work out no deal with any team. I suspect his best opportunity for playing time will be with a rebuilding team not expecting to reach the postseason. All these things are obstacles to becoming a Met, but if Mets could sign him for depth as bench player should he earn a spot in spring training,, sure, it’s worth a try on minor league deal with spring invite. Too much uncertainty surrounding his health and performance to offer major league deal.

    1. metsdaddy says:

      The Mets can make a trade

      1. longtimefan1 says:

        There are 14 American League teams and a number of National League teams who have claiming rights before the Mets.. Mets can’t work out a trade if any of those teams do it first when it’s their turn.

        1. metsdaddy says:

          That’s not the way it works

          1. longtimefan1 says:

            Am I confusing DFA with waiver rules?

          2. metsdaddy says:

            Probably. It happens.

  7. longtimefan1 says:


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