Carlos Beltran Is Not Answer For Mets Managerial Opening

Make no mistake, Carlos Beltran was screwed. He wasn’t allowed to manage for the New York Mets because of his implication in the Houston Astros sign stealing scandal.

The Mets didn’t release J.D. Davis. After the scandal was public knowledge, the Mets actually traded for Jake Marisnick. Since the scandal broke, Alex Cora was re-hired by the Boston Red Sox, and A.J. Hinch got another opportunity to manage.

Meanwhile, Beltran has been out of baseball making him the only Astros truly punished. Worse yet, he’s had no opportunity for redemption.

Certainly, that seems absurd in a world where Alex Rodriguez is broadcasting Sunday Night Baseball. He’s also part of the Fox Studio show which once included Pete Rose.

There should be a path back for Beltran. With Luis Rojas being fired, many are pushing the narrative the Mets need to right the wrong and bring back Beltran as manager.

It’s a bad idea.

One of the reasons why Rojas is gone was he was deemed still too raw to manage at the Major League level. Fair or not, that’s the criticism. Keep in mind, this is a well respected minor league manager who helped developed nearly every player in that clubhouse. We also know this is a manager with the respect of that clubhouse.

It’s bizarre to go from Rojas to a manager with even less experience. In fact, the entirety of Beltran’s coaching and managerial career is the roughly two months he was the manager of the Mets.

At that time, the Mets didn’t have a complete roster. He hasn’t met with all of his players. He didn’t make it to Spring Training let alone manage a game. This makes him a complete unknown as to his ability to handle any aspect of managing a Major League team.

Does he go by the gut, or does he rely on data? Will he follow the front office script or trust his eyes? How does he handle player conflict? How will he manage the daily interactions with the press? Can he handle a WFAN spot or a crisis?

Literally, no one knows the answer to any of these questions. Really, the only argument for Beltran is a sense of nostalgia and perhaps justice. That’s simply not a good reason to hire a manager.

The Mets fancy themselves as World Series contenders, or at least have the intention of being that after this offseason. How can they build a roster and hand the keys to someone who hasn’t even learned to ride a bicycle yet?

It’s complete and utter nonsense, and that’s even allowing for the possibility Beltran could be good. That’s the thing no one knows.

It’s time to just put an end to this nonsense. The Mets need to hire a real president of baseball operations and allow him to his manager. It’s a decision which needs to be made with no sentimentality. It’s simply a decision to hire the best and most qualified man for the job.

That’s not Beltran. The Mets can and probably should bring him back in some capacity – just not as manager. That should go to someone qualified.

7 Replies to “Carlos Beltran Is Not Answer For Mets Managerial Opening”

  1. John From Albany says:

    Well said.

  2. Longtimefan1 says:

    Bochy for manager.

    Beltran for hitting coach.

    Beltran takes over when Bochy retires.after his contract expires.

    Problem solved.

    1. metsdaddy says:

      There’s zero reason to believe Beltrán can be an effective hitting coach

  3. Longtimefan1 says:

    There’s every reason to believe he can be effective hitting coach.

    Aside his Hall of Fame resume and switch hitting,, his history of working with and teaching his teammates hitting,, devising drills, teaching them how to read pitchers, helping them develop hand-eye coordination, is legendary.

    He was also hired by Brian Cashman as special advisor. Among the things he did was breaking down film for players and being an analytics go-between front office and players.

    He proven ability to teach and communicate, his baseball smarts, is one of the reasons he was hired to manage.

    He’s paid his dues. Loves the Mets. Great baseball mind. I think he would be excellent hitting coach and incorporate hugely needed, common sense, situational baseball, old school approach at the plate, along with analytics. His contemporary experience playing the game is hugh value to the players.

    1. metsdaddy says:

      He literally worked in the Yankees front office one season and had little to no player interaction.

      Time and again, we see being a great player doesn’t translate into the ability to coach.

  4. LongTimeFan1 says:

    You’re not providing a coherent reason why this man, Carlos Beltran, isn’t qualified to be hitting coach of the 2022 Mets..

    If he wants the job, I’d personally roll out the red carpet. He’s paid his dues for his role in the Astros cheating scandal. If Mets players are willing to forgive him, he’s a great fit.

    1. metsdaddy says:

      The coherent explanation is he has zero experience.

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