J.D. Davis Can Blame Pete Alonso From The Bench

In April, Kris Bryant hit a routine grounder to third, and he was safe because J.D. Davis doesn’t charge the ball before triple clutching it. Davis’ response to the play was he didn’t know what happened because he delivered a strike.

That’s right. Davis completely botched the play, and he laid the blame at the feet of his first baseman who did all he could do to save him. Apparently, this is not an isolated incident.

Against the Los Angeles Dodgers, Davis made a dive to stop a Chris Taylor grounder. Now, for any other third baseman, this is a routine play, but Davis, he of limited ability, he has to dive.

Then, somehow thinking he’s Manny Machado or Nolan Arenado, he goes to throw from his knee. Davis proceeds to throw it away despite Alonso’s desperate attempts to knock it down and keep it from rolling away.

Of course, Davis, thinking he’s amazing, has an issue not with himself. No, the Dodgers cameras showed us Davis was in fact irritated with Alonso:

This error, which was properly attributed to Davis, was the beginning of the end for the Mets. From there, Taijuan Walker let up some seeing eye hits which saw a 2-1 deficit grow to 4-1.

The shame is this is not at all reflective of how Walker pitched. Walker was quite good against a loaded lineup. However, when you play someone completely incapable of playing third at third this stuff tends to happen.

Really, Davis has no business at third. He has a -10 OAA and a -25 DRS at the position. He’s shown zero improvement, and as we saw, he apparently doesn’t think he’s the problem.

At the plate, he’s still a guy with an outlier second half fueled by an unsustainable BABIP. For those who point to this year’s numbers, again, they’re unsustainable.

Over his first 14 games, he had great stats with a .583 BABIP. No one can keep that up, and he hasn’t.

Since returning from the IL, he’s hitting .252/.352/.396. Even that has a lot of luck with a .375 BABIP. Notably, he’s struck out 32.4% of the time.

None of this even addresses his running the Mets out of the inning by getting doubled off second. Really, when you look at everything, you see a guy with a low baseball IQ and next to no instincts.

The press can continue to not cover his comments at Alonso much like how they ignored his involvement with the Houston Astros cheating scandal and lying about it. They can pretend he’s a better player than Bryant.

However, in the end, what you have is someone who is a mediocre hitter, wholly incapable defender, and someone who is completely unaccountable for his actions. That’s not a player who should be in your lineup.

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  1. metsdaddy says:

    You’re kidding, right?

    Alonso doesn’t lunge, and Bryant is out. Also, Alonso’s coming off the base was a result of where it was thrown.

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