Taijuan Walker Highlight Of All-Star Game

It seems every year there is a debate over whether every team should really be represented in the All-Star Game. Last night was another example of why it matters. It was great seeing the newest New York Met take the mound in the sixth inning.

That’s not to say Taijuan Walker was an All-Star only because of that rule. That clearly wasn’t the case with his great first half. Rather, there’s just something extra special about that game when you see players from your favorite team out there among on the best in the game. Certainly, Walker has shown himself to be that.

Walker showed the type of stuff which led to him being an All-Star when he struck out Whit Merrifield. His outing was marred a bit by Mike Zunino hitting a homer. That said, he pitched great, and he definitely showed he deserved to be there, and more importantly, he showed that this may not be his last appearance.

That is certainly special given Walker’s story. This is a pitcher who only received an offer from the Mets in free agency despite having a strong 2020 season. Previous to his joining the Mets, Walker had been traded twice, non-tendered, and dealt with various injuries including his needing Tommy John surgery. More than anything, Walker appearing in that All-Star Game was a story in perseverance.

Regardless of the outcome, Walker being an All-Star was a truly special moment. It is what we all love about sports. Walker had a great first half and a special moment. None of it is going to compare to what he will have in store in the second half and his raising that World Series trophy come October.