Gary DiSarcina Can’t Be Serious

Imagine for a second criticizing Luis Guillorme‘s defense while at the same time praising J.D. Davis. Now, imagine that coming from a Mets coach.

Absurd, right? Well beyond absurd. No one in their right mind would ever do that. Right?

Sadly, it’s true. That’s what Gary Disarcina did. Sorry, Mets INFIELD COACH Gary Disarcina.

Disarcina spoke about how Guillorme has limited range and how he should learn first base to become a more versatile utility player. Yes, it was couched as a positive, but saying your second best defensive infielder has limited range is an unnecessary criticism.

Guillorme wasn’t the only player Disarcina critiqued. He also spoke about Davis’ defense. Now, given how he was critical of Guillorme, you could only imagine what he had to say about Davis.

As reported by Mike Puma of the New York Post, Disarcina said, “he’s been ‘pleased’ with Davis’ work [at third] this spring.” He also spoke about analytics helping Davis and that Davis has “definitely improved.”

The article also spoke about wanting to make Davis work at third because they want to keep his bat in the lineup and Guillorme on the bench.

That’s right. The Mets are actively ignoring Guillorme continuing to prove himself as an everyday player to make something work that hasn’t. Remember, Davis has been among the worst defenders in Mets history.

Now, they have Disarcina saying Guillorme has poor range and needs to learn first to become more versatile while saying he’s pleased with Davis’ progress. Maybe we should consider the source.

Disarcina was the bench coach who couldn’t properly run QC leading to Jay Bruce batting out of order. He’s also been completely unable to help Mets infielders defensively.

Remember, Disarcina has been coaching Davis for two years now, and Davis has only regressed. Jeff McNeil was a good third baseman, and he struggled under Disarcina’s tutelage last year.

There’s also Amed Rosario. Rosario was an exceptionally gifted prospect who many thought could win a Gold Glove one day. Instead, while working with Disarcina, Rosario was actually the worst defensive shortstop in baseball and fourth worst defender overall.

This same coach is now going to say Guillorme has limited range while working on his versatility to be a better bench player? He’s going to say he’s finally getting through to Davis?

It’s an embarrassing series of statements devoid of any credibility. It really only highlights how poor of a coach Disarcina has been and just which direction the Mets want to go.

At this point, they’d rather try to go with someone who is among the worst fielders in Mets history over the better player who has earned the job. For some reason, the Mets and Disarcina thought they should prop up one player while taking subtle shots at the better player.

It’s ridiculous and hopefully dishonest.

8 Replies to “Gary DiSarcina Can’t Be Serious”

  1. LongTimeFan1 says:

    More drama from you again with anything connected to Davis. Now you take issue with a Mets coach who doesn’t frame things in a manner that suits you.

    I read the NY Post article when it posted, I think it was yesterday. I found nothing wrong with that article though I thought it bizarre Disarcina casually mentioned Guillorme even taking some reps at first base. Bizarre only because he’s too short for first base. I understood the point though that Guillorme’s great hands makes him someone who could play anywhere in the infield.

    As for Guilorme’s range, no surprise with what Disarcina said. Any honesty about Guillorme’s foot speed which is well below average makes that easy to understand why Guilorme’s range isn’t great even though his hands and footwork are.

    What irks you is any improvement on Davis’s part, any changes big or small instituted to make him better defensively.

    Now you’ve resorted to blaming Disarcina for Jeff McNeil’s struggles at third base. Jeff McNeil’s defense was in question before he was even called up.

    1. metsdaddy says:

      I suggest you read Animal Farm

  2. TheGhostofKelenic says:

    Good read as usual.

    1. metsdaddy says:

      Thank you

  3. TheGhostofKelenic says:

    I think the Mets know how bad Davis is at third, but are trying to be positive and give him some confidence. I expect it will be a platoon situation where Guillorme plays behind Stroman always because of the ground balls and Davis plays behind degrom because 1 homerun is enough on a good many days. The rest of the time they play the hot hand or matchups. We are in good shape as a team if this is the weakest spot on the team. I also wouldn’t rule out a midseason trade if the Cubs decide they want to get something rather than nothing for Bryant.

    1. metsdaddy says:

      The problem with that mindset is all of the Mets starters are ground ball pitchers.

  4. Money mayweather says:

    You have a severely limited understanding of the role of a coach at the big league level. You don’t think every coach in the major leagues knows how to teach guys about infield play?

    1. metsdaddy says:

      You embarrass yourself with stupid uninformed comments like these.

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