Path Clear For Francisco Lindor To Become Best Mets Shortstop

With all due respect to Bud Harrelson and Rey Ordoñez, Jose Reyes is easily the best shortstop in Mets history. He’s the franchise leader in triples and stolen bases, and his name is scattered across the top ten rankings in team history.

Looking at WAR, he’s well ahead of the other shortstops, and he’s the 10th best player in Mets history. While it may take time to catch him, Francisco Lindor is well poised to surpass Reyes’ 27.9 WAR with the Mets.

Aside from the shortened 2020 season, Lindor is a player who never had below a 4.0 WAR. In fact, Lindor has never been below a 5.0 WAR when he’s been on the Opening Day roster in a 162 game season.

Keep in mind, that’s before Lindor even entered his prime. As he entered his prime, Lindor has been a 40+ double and 30+ homer player. That is in addition to playing Gold Glove caliber defense.

Assuming he holds true to that 5.0+ WAR level player, it’ll take Lindor approximately five seasons to surpass Reyes’ 27.9 WAR. At Lindor’s 30+ homer pace, he’ll surpass Reyes’ record for homers by a shortstop within four seasons.

That’s incredible to think. As a player, Reyes was one of the most exciting and dynamic players to ever wear the Mets uniform. He was a four time All-Star and to date the only Mets player to win a batting title.

The fact it could take Lindor approximately five seasons to surpass what Reyes did in 12 speaks to how phenomenal of a baseball player he is. In getting Lindor, the Mets are getting a future Hall of Famer. They are quite possibly getting the best player not named Tom Seaver or Mike Piazza to ever don a Mets uniform.

That’s the level of player Lindor is. If the Mets agree to an extension with him, Lindor should become the greatest shortstop in team history. He may also very well become the next Mets Hall of Famer, and we could see his 12 hanging next to Seaver’s 41 and Piazza’s 31.

The path is clear for Lindor to accomplish this and much more in a Mets uniform. The only thing standing in the way is a contract extension.

5 Replies to “Path Clear For Francisco Lindor To Become Best Mets Shortstop”

  1. David Klein says:

    Old backstop says you banned him! Show some guts and unban him!

    1. metsdaddy says:

      Simply put, he’s a liar. I haven’t had one post from him in quite a while.

      Chalk this up to his latest lame trolling effort.

  2. Mike.BTB says:

    Ugh … I hate doing this. Buddy Harrelson and Ordoñez are easily the best defensive shortstops they’ve had; Reyes is clearly the best offensive one they’ve had. Today’s game is dramatically different from the one Buddy played. Having seen him play as a kid and meeting him 2x makes me emotionally averse to comparing him against others. But, yes, Lindor is hopefully going to reset the bar at shortstop. I’ll get over it…

    1. metsdaddy says:

      That’s the thing. No matter how great Lindor is, he can never erase what Buddy did for the Mets

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