Extend Michael Conforto And Name Him Captain

When new Mets catcher James McCann signed, it was Michael Conforto who reached out to him to welcome him to the team.

When manager Luis Rojas was asked to name team leaders, Conforto was the first name he mentioned saying Conforto “stands out.”

When Dominic Smith grappled with decisions like kneeling or even playing this summer, Conforto told him he wish he knew Smith was going to kneel so he could be by him. He was then right by Smith’s side when he spoke out about racial injustice.

When it became clear Jake Marisnick and J.D. Davis were not only part of the Houston Astros sign stealing controversy, but also cheated against pitchers on this Mets team, Conforto said three important things: (1) Astros crossed the line; (2) it was going to be addressed; and (3) there was not going to be any animosity.

He was a young player taught how to play and how to be a leader by people like David Wright, Curtis Granderson, and Jay Bruce. He’s been a leader in the clubhouse, and he’s stood by his teammates.

In the history of the Mets, there has been no more obvious choice for Captain since Keith Hernandez and Gary Carter. This is a homegrown Met who is perfect to lead this team as they embark on a new era.

He’s also still a very good player who has had great moments. After he moved past his shoulder injury, he’s had a 135 OPS+. We know he’s capable of more too.

He’s an All-Star caliber player who can hit anywhere in the lineup, and he’s been a good defender. He’s also a team player willing to move to any position to help the team.

Conforto is the Captain in every possible way. Once the Mets give him the contract extension he’s earned, it’s time to formally announce him as the fifth Captain in team history.

9 Replies to “Extend Michael Conforto And Name Him Captain”

  1. Rich says:

    I see Alonso as the future captain but you could do a lot worse than Conforto. He really is a quality human being. I certainly agree that he should be resigned and the Mets public posture is clear. It would be a pretty big milestone actually to resign one of our position players long term and there is not a better, more deserving player to be that guy.

    1. metsdaddy says:

      I do hope Alonso reaches that level, but I hate putting that label and pressure on a guy who has played the equivalent of a season and a half.

  2. pal88 says:

    I agree. Please extend him ASAP, But, it’s much too soon for the captains title. Maybe someday but not now

    1. metsdaddy says:

      He’s a leader in every sense of the word. I don’t know what else he’d need to do to earn it.

  3. I have enjoyed watching Michael Conforto
    play the outfield and growing every year
    since he broke into the majors. I knew
    Michael was going to be a big time ball
    player when he hit two (2) home runs
    in the the World Series (2015).
    I hope the Mets sign Michael to an
    eight (8) year extension 210 Million plus
    two (2) club option years total $250 million!
    I would definitely name Michael the
    fifth Captain in NY Mets history. He has
    displayed class and humility throughout
    his young career!
    Let’s Go Mets

  4. LongTimeFan1 says:

    Conforto should be extended and should eventually be the next Mets Captain. He’s the right person, at right time, a fine person, a fine player, a fine teammate, and has been developing leadership skills and is the Mets Union Rep.. He’s has enough time and enough success as well as downs in the majors to be a formal leader.

    That role however isn’t something given to him. His teammates have to genuinely want him to be. First Conforto has to be extended. Then during spring training Rojas and his coaching staff – the returning coaches – should contact everyone on the 40, one at a time privately, and, ask if they want a captain and if so, who do they think should it should be. If Conforto draws the most votes, he should be approached, asking him if he wants it.

    If he does, then he should meet with his teammates individually and as a group. If they want him as captain, that’s when he becomes it,.

    1. metsdaddy says:

      I do agree it should come from the players

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